About Us

About the site…

We are people who work for a living. We have regular jobs, and our time to play is limited. Game reviews are usually written by people who are paid just to write those reviews, and so play the games under different conditions. We decided to create this site to review games under a different light.

What’s a game like when you only have half an hour to play it in an evening?

What’s a game like when you spent £200 on a new console just to play it?

Sometimes the conditions under which you play a game can drastically alter its appeal. I remember getting sick of Final Fantasy XIII ten hours in, and being told in another five hours or so it got really good. I simply don’t have that kind of time to dedicate to a game in the hope it will improve, so for me, the game was a waste of time.

On this site we will endeavour to review the games we have played, detailing the way we played them, and what we got out of them. We’ll also be looking at the hardware we use or are provided for review and the way we can use it when we’re playing at home rather than in a dedicated space within an office; so maybe we can help inform you better when it comes to spending your hard-earned cash.