1. We will always review and pass comment impartially. This means we will not make out anything is better than it really is even if the creators/publishers are advertising on the site/giving us free copies/ inviting us to showcases. Of course we welcome all that kind of thing but it will not influence our judgements.

2. We will never sell any details of members of the site. Any information you provide for us will be kept private.

3. If there are mitigating circumstances surrounding a review (we didn’t finish it, it crashed, we just weren’t very good at it) we will make these clear in the review. We try our best to complete every game reviewed or spend at least ten hours in the game if it cannot be ‘completed’. Sometimes this is difficult because the game is hard or terrible. If that happens, we’ll let you know.

4. You might see a lot of high scores on the site. That’s because we buy the games we review, and we tend not to buy games if we don’t think we’ll like them. If we have been provided with a review copy and have not paid any money for the game, we will make it clear in the review, as this dramatically changes the concept of value to a gamer.

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