What our scores mean

Often when you come to a reviews site, you’ll see 3/5, 7/10, 64/100 and you’ll have no idea what these scores actually mean. Numbers can be abstract by their nature so here we’ve broken down what we’re trying to say with out scoring system.

This means stay away at all costs. There is something fundamentally broken about this game to the point where you are not going to enjoy yourself, and any money spent on the game will be wasted.   

Scoring this lowly means the developers have failed in what they were trying to do. Maybe there’s some entertainment value to be gained from how bad the game is, but if you’re taking it seriously you’re going to have a bad time. Expect glitches, unbalanced gameplay and graphics from a decade ago.

There is a husk of a game here, it just doesn’t come close to being a fun game. It’s likely to be functionally working but something along the line has gone wrong and the developers forgot to include any fun. This category could also include remarkably offensive (in a bad way) games.

This is a game that tried but just couldn’t pull through. It’s likely to be boring and pointless. In some ways I would prefer to play a game that only scored one as it will fall into the ‘so bad it’s good’ kind of noteriety enjoyed by ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’. This is just Bland drivel like ‘Year One’.

If a game gets a four it’s likely that we struggled to find the willpower to play through it. The game will be mostly functioning and other people will be playing it, but it’s simply not worth the money in our opinion. If you’re a hardcore fan of that particular franchise then perhaps you’ll get something out of it, casual onlookers should avoid.

Games that get a five aren’t necessarily terrible games. They’re not great and they’re not going to be the ones you remember for years to come, but you might be able to kill a couple of hours with them. This is where a lot of free flash games would lay if we reviewed them.

A six means it’s flawed, but there’s still fun to be had. There might be glaring issues with one or more modes, but there’s still enough to get some enjoyment our of the product if you can pick it up on the cheap. Genre fans should have a look.

This means it’s a fun game. It’s not memorable or a contender for game of the year, but it’s solid and anyone will have at least some fun with it. If you’ve got nothing else to play and these games are discounted or on rental, they’re a solid choice. We’d still try to avoid paying full price for something like this, it’s likely to drop quite quickly.

A really enjoyable game with a few flaws or a lack of creativity. Many games we enjoy will end up in this category. They’re not masterpieces but you’re going to get your moneys worth. Genre fans should go out and buy them new, they’ll be worth it. If you see these games cheap for a bargain price, anyone should pick them up immediately.

An amazing game that will be a contender for Game of the Year. Everyone will find something to love in the game and it really is an achievement for the developer. We will not give these out lightly so see it as our seal of approval. These are important games that you will want to play, and fully worth their asking price.

A masterpiece. This is reserved for the games that we will be talking about years down the line. Think of Half Life 2, Ocarina of Time, Goldeneye, Final Fantasy VII, Mario Kart. These are games that transcend or perfect genres. They will move the industry forwards and bring joy to the masses.