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Published on August 2nd, 2019 | by Angelo Fincher


BBQ Tower Review

One of the biggest problems we face when slapping some sausages on the barbecue is not having enough space to cook all the different types of food you want to. You’ve also got the problem that different types of food require different temperatures, and it can get confusing when you’ve got too many varieties on there. As a result you end up eating the food in staggered intervals, which isn’t a bad thing if you want to eat it in stages but it means a longer wait for those who, for example, want a burger and not a sausage. That’s the beauty with the BBQ Tower, which gives you three levels of space to let you cook three times as much delicious barbecue food.

BBQ Tower Review In Detail

The second beauty of the BBQ Tower is that each level can regulate temperatures individually, so there’s certainly scope for cooking a wide range of different food types. For example, you can grill some fish on the top layer, stick some kebabs on to the middle level and finished up with a perfect crispy home-cooked pizza on the bottom grill. Gone is the mixing of the past, instead you’re pleasing everyone at your party with whatever food they prefer, uncontaminated by anything else which may have previously been on the same grill.

BBQ Tower Review

All use charcoal for the barbecue tower

So, what’s the difference between the three different levels? Well, they’re all perfect in their own way to cook certain types of food. All three use heated charcoal, so you definitely retain that lovely classic barbecue flavour that gas barbecues can somewhat diminish. The top-level is the strongest, creating a greater sizzles as the heat rises through the three levels. The mid-level is ideal for food which takes a bit longer to cook, such as certain meats and vegetables. The bottom-level is ideal for pizzas, as they benefit greatly from the surrounding oven-like warmth and the grill heat that helps create a crispy succulent base. Pizza on a barbecue? This definitely is the future we’re living in!

It’s also the perfect barbecue for patios and backyards due to its small portable size. I only have a backyard and this is the ideal barbecue for it, meaning that people still have enough space to stand outside and enjoy the sun – or lack of it if our UK weather is anything to by – while you’re cooking up a storm on the barbecue. It’s simple to set up too, so no more faffing around for ages means you can just have a small barbecue for two without the hassle if the mood strikes you. It also comes ready assembled, so you don’t have to spend time figuring out what screw goes where and what that random part is that doesn’t look like it goes anywhere.

BBQ Tower

BBQ Tower remain a barbecue you’ll get out again

One downside is there’s no preparation area around it like some barbecues have, but that really isn’t a problem given that you can just pull up a table to accomplish the same outcome. It’s hard to fault it otherwise, especially as it can be easily moved around your garden on wheels. Its weatherproof cover will also protect it from the elements, helping the BBQ Tower remain a barbecue you’ll get out again and again other the years and many hot summer days. It’s a great idea, once which people living in urban areas with a lack of space will definitely find a god send. After all, why should anyone have to miss out on the superb delights of a barbecue?

For more on the extraordinary BBQ Tower take a look at this video post to see it in action. Channel 5′s The Gadget Show also recently featured it on their guide to the best barbecues that you can buy. So, if you’re convinced then you can click here to buy it.

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