“We are not journalists: we are people.”

Welcome to TPReview.co.uk, the website for gamers who work and want to make sure they get the most out of their game-playing time. We will be bringing you reviews from different perspectives, based on the action of playing games. In a recent interview with Penny Arcade, Gabe Newell talked a great deal about the ‘value’ of games. By this he didn’t mean it in the financial sense, but in terms of how much it is worth to you, as a complex equation of cost, time, entertainment, emotional impact, memories, and anything else you get out of playing games.

I like this idea, I think reviewing games purely on their merits in a vacuum can be interesting, but is not that useful to the everyday gamer. When I pay good money for a game, I want to be able to enjoy it. It sounds silly but it’s rather complicated. When I bought Metal Gear Solid 4, it was my first foray into the MGS series. I had about half an hour to play it before I had to do other things, and that turned out not to be long enough to get to the first bit of gameplay, so I had to quit out of the game before the first cut scene ended. Then next time I played I had to sit through half an hour of cut scene that I had already seen. Being new to the series, I then had no idea what was going on when I finally did get to play. I’m pretty sure the game could have been amazing if I knew the story and I had hours to spend on it at a time, but I don’t, so it was a waste of money for me. Similarly, many people slated the Darkness 2 for being so short, whereas I loved that I could finish it in a weekend. People assign ‘value’ to games differently, and this website will show you a few new perspectives on the value of games both new and old.

At the moment I have not set up a comments system for the website, but please do not hesitate to contact us with feedback, advice, or opinions. In the meantime look forward to our review of Star Wars: The Old Republic. In the true spirit of Bioware, it is ‘coming soon’.

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