Raidhyn plays DOTA2

I have been playing DoTA 2 for about three weeks now and I am certifiably in love with the game. I ended up in the DoTA-sphere thanks to an old friend of mine introducing me to League of Legends over two years ago. Now that I’ve started playing DoTA 2 I don’t intend to go back to LoL or any of the other MOBA’s I spent way too much time playing (like my all Christmas break love affair with BloodLine Champions)

I don’t have a die-hard attitude when it comes to gaming. I don’t need to be the best. I just like to be among the best. When I played counter-strike back in the day, I played until I got to CAL-O and could consistently get banned from random public servers for ‘hacking’ which I discovered is what insecure people called ‘playing with skill.’ Another example, I play Go. Go is considered to be the most difficult game in the world, highly strategic, and strongly loved across Asia where their players play in multiple tournaments for prize money professionally. I never had any illusions about where I was going with Go. I just wanted to get…better than most people. So I did.

Over time I’ve discovered I like to get to the point where I’m confident, and knowledgeable enough about something, to where I can teach it to other people with ease. Where I can mentor and lead people and get them on their own journey to whatever level of skill they’re trying to achieve. I would never be the star player on a team, but I’d probably make a damn good head coach.

So here I am, learning DoTA 2. It’s been a fun and interesting three weeks. I’ve lost more games than I’ve won, and still haven’t tried out all the heroes.  Phantom Assassin Clinkz? Who are you people? You’ve killed me many times but I’ll be damned if I start playing stealthy people.

Stealthy heroes in DoTA give me the same vibe that forum troll do. Just…eeegh.

I think I was introduced to DoTA at the best/worst time because of the International taking place just last week. I got to watch absolute high level play while getting wrapped up into the high eSports vibe that was the craziness of the whole event. I mean, I’d watched StarCraft MLG matches in the past but DoTA was way more entertaining because of the team aspect.

And that’s why I know I’ll be sticking with DoTA for a while. Teams. I like it.

So expect me to come on here every so often and rant about the things I’m learning along the way and the observations I um…observe while playing.


– R

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