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Dead, died, will die…


Hopefully by now you’ve read our wonderful Bioshock Infinite review, bought the game, finished it, read our explanation on what happened, and are ready for more. We know there’s DLC coming, there’s a season pass available right now, we’re just waiting to see what it will be. With what we know of the story and the game, we’ve been speculating on what that DLC might entail. Huge spoilers will follow after the break, so don’t ruin it for yourself.

The Bird and the Cage


One of the most mysterious but enthralling characters is the huge Songbird. It became a crucial part of our adventure, turning from savage invincible adversary, to powerful ally, to tragic victim, but we still know so little about the character. In DLC sadly we’d never get to play as the Songbird, it’s simply too huge and powerful for the engine to cope with that kind of interaction, but we could explore the man inside. Within the game there are already hints as to the creation of Songbird, in that it’s somehow similar to the Handymen  and may rely on technology gathered from tears. Imagine we control some kind of salvage squad member, sent into another tear to take the Songbird technology. We could fight our way back into Rapture, stealing from the Big Daddy labs, trying to return to Columbia. We’ve already seen Irrational have used the Rapture assets including the Big Daddies and Little Sisters. There could even be another layer to the plot as your character realises the similarities between Rapture and Columbia, and the Luteces could feature throughout, poking fun as they try to sabotage your efforts as a way of helping Booker with his quest. Towards the end of the episode you would be grievously harmed (possibly in some sort of event from the first two games to tie it in nicely) leading to you becoming the man inside Songbird, with the content ending as you open your giant glass eye to watch over the young Elizabeth in her tower.

The Vox Vendetta


This seems to be a likely candidate as Fitzroy was scarcely used as an actual character, despite the Vox being so prominent in the second half of the game. We even know that Booker helped the Vox to win the revolution before dying in that universe. There’s also a trend for DLC in RPGs and adventure games to focus more on combat than anything else and this would give you a chance to fight in the biggest battle Columbia has suffered.

Playing as the alternate Booker Dewitt you would help to lead the Vox alongside Fitzroy, possibly starting from the point where you met her on the airship. In the alternate universe maybe something happened to Elizabeth, so without a cause you pledged alliegence to the Vox instead, fighting your way through the city. Hopefully there’d be new environments to fight through, showing us a different side of the city, or maybe we’d just revisit areas from the beginning and middle of the game that were peaceful before. A D-Day style landing on the beach followed by a fight through the fairground would provide an epic backdrop to firefights using a new Vigor or two themed to guerilla warfare. Perhaps a cloak or a distraction tool that would turn enemies around to give you a better chance against Patriots? A sniping section would also be a welcome change of pace, maybe from a clock tower where you hold off the enemies long enough for rescue to arrive for Fitzroy, before your heroically die, fighting until your last breath. Maybe you’d need to fall out into the water and drown though, since you are Booker.

A Clean Slate


Slate was another character who seemed underused in the main narrative, despite providing an emotional moment and an impossible moral choice. Again anything featuring Slate would be combat-heavy, perhaps we’d get to experience some of the battles that Comstock sent him to fight. I can’t imagine Irrational would be so insensitive as to let us actually take part in the atrocities of the Boxer rebellion, but there could be similar fictional conflicts, with Columbia looming overheard and watching as you need to make difficult moral choices. Morality wasn’t explored in terms of player agency throughout Infinite, with the exception of two fairly inconsequential decisions. If each fight was punctuated with a dilemma it could add some weight to the DLC, and we would see how Slate ended up leading his own men into the Hall of Heroes, only to be defeated by Booker.

Fink’s Factory Fun


Our final idea for DLC would be based on the unfortunate workers you see bidding for work in front of the factory. Imagine being picked to work for the factory, and then after being forced into taking some Handyman-style augments, attempting to escape. It could follow the same narrative beats as The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, with you slowly working your way up floor by floor and gaining new powers, allies and enemies along the way. The fighting could have a new twist with a lack of firearms, forcing you to use vigors and melee combat to take on the enemies. This could all happen in parallel with Elizabeth’s tears so the world would inexplicably change around you, with your nose bleeding to punctuate the events. Perhaps you would die twice throughout the combat, only to be brought back to life as a side effect of Booker’s quest to get weapons.

Exploring the factory itself would be interesting, and seeing how the lower classes really live. Maybe near the beginning you’d return to sleep in Shantytown, seeing it all from a different perspective.

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