Lucasarts closed, what does it mean?

There is no ring on my finger Mr Calavera, there is no skin on it either…


So Disney have spoken to GameInformer, letting them know that Lucasarts is for all intents and purposes, being shut down. This means the slightly promising Star Wars 1313 will be cancelled and Disney will instead shift to a licensing model to make Star Wars game.

In many ways this is extremely sad news, Lucasarts are responsible for some of gaming’s finest titles including Grim Fandango and the X-Wing series; in other ways this is good news. Perhaps Disney will have the finances available to attract some big name developers to revive Star Wars gaming. A new Battlefront made by DICE, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter rebooted by CCP Games? Ok so they are long shots, but it will be interesting to see who they license to make the next-generation Star Wars games.

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