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Just Cause 2 is getting on a bit now, but still looks absolutely stunning and somehow will run on basically any PC thanks to what I’m assuming is witchcraft. Over the last few months (nearly a year now) a dedicated team of modders have taken on an incredibly ambitious goal, to add a multiplayer mode. Adding such a significant feature to an open world game as mind-boggling huge as Just Cause 2 is no easy task, but the mod is already in the stages where the team can run public test weekends and it’s easy to get involved.


If you want to join in the fun, you need a copy of Just Cause 2 ( regularly available for under £5 on Steam or the Square Enix store) and a copy of the mod from https://www.jc-mp.com/ It’s easy as anything to set up, with mod coming in a nifty self-executable and you just need to go to the webpage when a test is running, click to join, and then navigate to your Just Cause 2 program to run it. Simple.

At the moment there is only one server available, and that server can host up to 5000 players. I’ve not seen it get over 1000 yet at any one time, but that’s still a ridiculous amount for a triple A title, let alone a mod.


Lag is of course a massive issue, and you’ll find players flying around and seemingly being immune to your shorts as par for a course. Thankfully though, it can’t detract from the fun. The mod team understand what makes something like this enjoyable, and they haven’t been slacking. So there are structured activities such as races, a shop system, an ability to form groups, and an ability to instantly teleport to your friends or interesting locations. At the moment, the international airport seems to be where the actions at so most of these screenshots were taken there.


It’s hard to put into words what this is like, as soon as you spawn in the world is devoid or NPCs but there’s so much going on it’s difficult to take it all in. At the airport there are passenger planes playing chicken, military helicopters strafing and snipers on rooftops and in the jungles taking potshots at each other. Thanks to the grappling hook escape is always simple and players appear to have superpowers as they accelerate out of your sights at a moment’s notice. It’s glorious mayhem and incredibly addictive. To begin with I spawned with a sniper rifle ( the weapons spawns appear to be random) so I sat in the jungle and racked up eight or so kills, taking out people trying to hijack jets or standing on the main rooftop sniping. After I grew bored of that, I jumped into a helicopter to get some screenshots from the air, before someone jumped on to my helicopter and shot it all to hell. So I decided to jump in a jet and engage in a dogfight, all of this within the space of about ten minutes.


While there was a flood of open world games for a while, Just Cause 2 has always stood out, and with the addition of the multiplayer, it’s really due a new renaissance. I’m hoping the interest in this mod will lead to a Just Cause 3 announcement soon as I can’t get enough of this mod.

Once more, to get into the fun head to https://www.jc-mp.com/ and also pick up a copy of Just Cause 2 if you haven’t already.

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