The Stomping Ground trailer

The Stomping Ground is an upcoming multiplayer open-world survival sim featuring an entire food chain’s worth of dinosaurs. Judging from the trailer it seems as they all behave in the way you’d expect from Jurassic Park, with Gallimimus flocking, flocking towards you, huge veggie-sauruses sauntering (and possibly sneezing) majestically and T-Rexes causing ripples and eating things.

The Stomping Ground

If you’re not terribly excited by this video I just don’t know what to say to you. It’s incredible. Go here to Greenlight it so we can see it on Steam sometime soon!

If you can’t watch the trailer, it explains that gathering food in the Stomping Ground will be your main objective and although you can take down smaller dinosaurs with your bow, scavenging the meat from them takes time. As soon as a dinosaurs dies, the carnivores will come running, and the T-Rex can’t even be injured with your bow, so it seems like the best course of action is to simply run away. You can set traps and craft tools such as a pole to aid jumping; it even seems as though you can lure dinosaurs to fight each other, saving you some work.

I love the idea of grouping together with some friends (here’s hoping they get the Stomping Ground netcode sorted to allow large numbers of players) and really working together to take down a larger enemy, or having DayZ style encounters where you see someone else hunting and have a decision to make about whether to help them or take them down to steal whatever supplies they have.

At the moment the graphics aren’t exactly phenomenal but this is early work in progress, the models and the animations are surprisingly polished , with the movement of the smaller dinosaurs really convincing compared to some efforts in the past. There’s evidently a long way to go on the Stomping Ground but as far as proof of concept goes, I’m sold.

We’ll be keeping our eyes on this title over its development and we hope to bring you a full preview as soon as we can.
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