Meltdown – A brand new eSports bar opening in London

It’s coming home


When we first moved to London, we expected there to be a vibrant gaming scene to get involved with. Sadly we were disappointed, while there are definitely meetups and an (singular) actual arcade on the South Bank, with the Trocadero mostly dead there’s not really any particular place for gamers to naturally gather. That’s all about to change with the opening of a brand new eSports bar on 1st June on Caledonian Road in London, Meltdown.

An eSports bar is a bar that, rather than showing rugby and football, shows Starcraft 2 and DOTA tournament matches. There’ll be Street Fighter, COD and LoL displayed on the big screens, amongst others and for once I’ll be able to sit in bar and comment meaningfully on what’s happening on the screen. This isn’t a one-off flash in the pan venture either, successful Meltdown bars have already opened in Paris and Berlin.


In the bar there’ll be a couple of PCs for gamers to play the latest games for free and competitively, and two Xbox stations (hopefully upgrading to Infinities once they’re released) for some console gaming.

Each week there’ll be various tournaments in the evenings, with Super Street Fighter 4 on Wednesdays, League of Legends on Thursdays and Starcraft 2 on Fridays. There’ll also be special events for new/independent games for showcases and tournaments.

Topping it all off, there’s speciality cocktails with names like ‘Blue fire’ and ‘Force Field’ that might be a little gimmicky but will add a bit of fun to the late night parties.


Meltdown is going to be open 5PM-12:30AM and the public launch party is on Saturday 1st June – we hope to see you there!

Click here for the Facebook page (We’re not getting paid for this, I’m just really keen to support this kind of initiative in London!)

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