Day One of Rezzed

Today we’ve been at Rezzed – the PC games show at Birmingham NEC. After the break are our thoughts on a variety of titles we got a chance to play including ‘Sir You are Being Hunted’, ‘The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot’ and the Oculus Rift with ‘Undercurrent’.

Sir You Are Being Hunted

Check out our full preview here – but ‘Sir You are Being Hunted’ was a great way to start the day. A survival roguelike set in a randomly generated British countryside, there’s nothing quite like it. With an impeccable sense of style, I stalked across the misty fields before meeting my untimely demise at the hands of a pack of evil-eyed robots. It was glorious.

Montague’s Mount

At first it was impossible to shake the feeling that this was very similar to Dear Esther, a game which I had no love for at all. There’s a similar voice-over narrative, the inability to run, and a gloomy island you find yourself on. Montague’s Mount managed to peak my interest more though as I was introduced to puzzles and a vague horror theme. The developer has promised there is more story to come, he just didn’t want to spoilt it for us. Definitely one to watch if you’re into exploring creepy locales.

Gun Monkeys

Playing like a cross between Small Arms and Bomberman two players share a screen, trying to blow the hell out of each other with bombs that follow physics and Bomberman laws. It was chaotic but a lot of fun and could be fantastic with online play and a couple of extra players with a bigger map. Old-school multiplayer but with enough of a twist to make it interesting.

Minecraft: The Wall

This is a mod for Minecraft, and Rezzed had prepared a tournament. Me and AlexHel (a musician and possible future contributor to this very site) took the poor decision of signing up for it. Not having played Minecraft for a good two years, while the other teams spent their 15 minutes preparaton time enchanting swords and complete sets of armour, we misplaced explosives and built a logo. Eventually we worked out how to build a sword and surprisingly outlasted one player who managed to drown themselves. Unfortunately we were next as AlexHel’s explosive trap was more of a damp squib and our puny swords was no match for the impressive arsenal of the collection of teenagers who humiliated us. Not our finest hour

Titan Attacks

The aforementioned AlexHel managed to set a new highest score in the competition to win a Nexus 7 put on by the fine folks at Puppy Games. Then I immediately beat him and as far as I know, my score still stands. First time at the game too! These games have featured in Humble Bundles and the like so you might already own them, definitely check them out as they’re much more fun than I had ever given them credit for. Scoreboard-chasing is addictive.


I imagine Silhouette is what it’s like to be intensely paranoid. Two players play on a single keyboard, with one being the victim and one being a murderer. You take it in turns to spent a small amount of time running, pushing through tables and chairs, with the victim trying to find a key and get to the door, and the murderer trying to do some murder. I was the victim and the feeling of powerlessness was absolute as the murderer chased me down, thankfully I escaped but I feel I left a small piece of my sanity behind.

The Might Quest for Epic Loot

With gameplay similar to Torchlight, this free to play title from Ubisoft has a novel trick up its sleeve; as a player you not only raid castles, but construct them, allowing other gamers to try and raid your tower and steal your gold. It’s an interesting prospect and the game has a wicked sense of humour and satisfying combat. There’s a closed beta going on right now so sign up and have a look.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Oddly hidden away to one side, the demo was running on PC and was a simple run through a mission that appears to be part way through the game. The controls were fine but levels felt spectacularly linear and the physics was laughable. Watching Sam Fisher hurl a man to his death over a balcony (and a good 15 feet further than that) was hilarious, but perhaps not intentionally. It was definitely fun and I’m sure some of the janky animations will be smartened up by the time of release, but the linearity is slightly worrying, the environments didn’t feel like real places, instead it was like stealthing through a level of Call of Duty.

Undercurrent (featuring Oculus Rift)

There was a lengthy queue for this all day so I just cheekily hopped on right before they packed up for the day. Our first time with the Oculus Rift and I can safely say it’s everything it’s been advertised as. Yes the screens are low-resolution and this is immediately noticeable, but even with this flaw, the effect is completely immersive. It’s incredibly odd being asked to hold a controller you can’t see because your view of space in your eyes is completely different from what you know is real, the detachment is unsettling. It feels surprisingly natural though to look around you and be able to see your surroundings move with your head. The game is a fairly simple (at the moment) underwater exploration game but it provides a wonderfully calm environment in which to gain your bearing with the Rift. If you get a chance it’s well worth checking out as it feels like the true ‘next-generation’ leap we should expect from gaming. I’m 100% behind the Oculus Rift after a minute or two of playing with it, I’ll be getting one as soon as it’s launched for sure.


All in all it was a great day at the show, tomorrow we’ll be bringing you more reports of dev sessions and titles such as Hotline Miami 2 and Rome Total War 2 as well as interviews with Team 17, Threaks, and the team behind Wildstar.

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