Dragon Commander multiplayer video

You must obey the dragon commander, giving out the orders for fun.

Dragon Commander is an upcoming Real-time strategy game from Larian Studios. It’ll be coming to your PC on August 6th, but to hold you over until then, here’s a couple of the devs going at each other in the multiplayer mode. Toasty.


The trailer has commentary along with it, setting it up for what they evidently hope will be a new e-sport title. While that might be a a hopeful play from the publishers, the video is very engaging, with a variety of spectacular spell effects adding a bit of life to what can be a slightly dreary genre. The game looks slick and exciting so far, we’ll be checking it out next month for a review.

Also – the first person to get the reference in the tagline can have something free. I’m not sure what yet.

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