Road to Mars Preview (PC)

If there’s a road why are we wasting all this money on rockets?


Road to Mars is a brand new game currently on Kickstarter, with a week left to go. It follows in the footstep of the almighty (but sadly too often forgotten) Buzz Aldrin’s Race to Space (a 1993 gem) where you are in charge of a space centre and get to make all of the important decisions leading up to the hopefully successful launch of a manned mission to mars. The build we got to play was an extremely early alpha, but it definitely shows promise already.


The game takes place from a zoomed out view of the space centre. You pick your company name, your name and the country of your base, and then you answer a few questions at a mock press conference. In the finished games these will influence things like what the public expects of you and who you can get funding from. You then play the game in turns, with each turn taking a certain period of time, but you being allowed to do as much as you want within that turn. You could hire or fire staff, research new systems or ideas, build new structures, build rockets, prepare launches or go after contracts. Once you’ve built the necessary infrastructure you can send the rocket off to a launch pad and then choose when you want to launch it.

At this early stage of development, everything is basically a placeholder, you can however prepare a rocket and launch it, as well as completing some of the simpler business tasks. The game might appear relatively barebones, but this is simply the start of somethinbg much bigger. The interface is clean and straightforward, but there could be a huge amount of depth if they handle things right. I’ve got a soft spot for management sims like this and it’s easy to see the game becoming a ‘one more turn’ type experience for lovers of all things space.


Over the next few months we’ll be following the development of this little gem, and if you wish to help it along head over to the kickstarter here.

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