Beatbuddy ‘Music Special’ Video


Indie game development studio THREAKS, in conjunction with Reverb Publishing, announced today the music powering the upcoming mystical, underwater action-adventure, Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians. An outstanding line-up of international musical talents including Austin Wintory – music composer for the innovative titles flOw and Journey – show off their talent in Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians which uniquely ties music to gameplay in order to deliver a fully immersive experience.

“When I first met the THREAKS and they told me about their adventure platformer Beatbuddy, I thought to myself, ‘this could be fun!’ When they also told me it’s a rhythm-based music game, and that they would have artists like Parov Stelar involved – at that point, I reached for my pen looking where to sign,” states Austin Wintory, Grammy nominated composer and music contributor to Beatbuddy. “As if it weren’t enough, when I told them I was going to inject a bit of operatic vocals to that mix, they excitedly and shockingly said yes! This game is a blast, absolutely beautiful, and the THREAKS are some of the most genuine, hard-working and absolutely fantastic guys I’ve ever met. I am so honored to be part of this project.”

Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians takes players through six levels interwoven with tunes from the following artists:
– Austin Wintory – “Stingin’ Swing”
– Parov Stelar – “Beatbuddy Swing”
– La Rochelle Band – “You’re the One”
– Sabrepulse – “Love Swing”
– Curtis Newton – “I’m Your Star”
– Europa Deep – “Lost In Yesterday”

“It’s been a pleasure for me to produce a special track for Beatbuddy,” said Marcus Füreder aka Parov Stelar. “I’ve never worked in the gaming industry before, so this was a good experience for me. I love the fact that the result didn’t end up just on a soundtrack – it’s more than just a song on a soundtrack! I can’t wait to check out the final game!”

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