Battlefield 4 Battlelog Features unveiled

DICE have shown off the new Battlelog in an interesting new video. We’re very excited about Battlefield 4 and while Battlelog might not have taken off on consoles, it was a big part of the game experience on PC. We can’t wait to see what they do with it this time round, especially with Smartglass and mobile devices.

In the video the developers discuss the ability to:

  • Edit loadouts from a mobile device
  • Use a tablet as a real-time minimap while playing
  • Edit loadouts in real time while you’re dead (something which can be a pain to do quickly with a controller)
  • Have geographically-based leaderboards (think Trackmania) where you can find out if you’re the best at a certain thing in your city
  • Create and join ‘missions’ which are challenges you can compete on between your friends

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