Bioshock infinite story-based DLC announced

You can call me Elizabeth

Bioshock Infinite came with a season pass and finally that DLC is starting to be announced.

The first of three pieces, Clash of the Clouds is out today and is a much more combat-oriented piece. There’s a raft of collectables and secrets in it but in essence it’s all about the fighting.

The last two pieces, entitled Burial at Sea will take us back to Rapture as what appears to be (from the trailer) alternative versions of Booker and Elizabeth are involved in some kind of Film-Noir tale. It appears to have the style and class of the original Bioshock and we can’t wait. We loved Bioshock Infinite at the time and even spent a lot of words in a very spoilery post explaining what we think happened with the plot. We’ll bring you more news as we get it but now might be a good time to pick up a season pass if you’re at all interested in continuing your Bioshock adventures.

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