Amazing Deep Silver Humble Bundle



Yet another amazing Humble Bundle, this time for Deep Silver games. We’ve bought two copies even though we owned nearly every game on here. for $25 you can get six incredible games and some DLC. We’ll be bringing you a review of Dead Island: Riptide once we’ve finished it in co-op, but we can already say it’s a lot of fun, especially if you liked the original.


Full press release below:


San Francisco, CA – Humble Bundle is excited to announce its second pay-what-you-want AAA game bundle, the Humble Deep Silver Bundle, featuring seven critically-acclaimed PC games from leading publisher Deep Silver that would cost an incredible total of $190 if bought separately. The Humble Deep Silver Bundle marks the company’s second high profile bundle showcasing a tremendous assortment of renowned games. This exclusive promotion will only be available for 13 days starting on July 30 at 11 AM PDT at

The Humble Deep Silver Bundle includes seven Windows-only titles that require Steam to redeem. For $1 or more, purchasers can get the following games:
·        Saints Row: The Third
·        Saints Row 2
·        Risen 2: Dark Waters
·        Sacred 2: Gold Edition

If buyers choose to pay over the average bundle price, they’ll also get:
·        Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition
·        Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package

If buyers choose to pay $25 or more, they’ll also get:
·        Dead Island: Riptide

In addition to this phenomenal collection of extraordinary games, purchasers can also get DRM-free soundtracks for Saints Row: The ThirdRisen 2: Dark Waters, and Sacred 2: Gold Edition at any price! The Dead Island: Riptidesoundtrack is available to anyone who pays $25 or more. All the soundtracks will be available in both lossless (FLAC) and MP3 formats.

Humble Bundle promotions are widely known for supporting developers and charities through a unique pay-what-you-want purchase model. Every bundle buyer can optionally allocate all or part of their purchase amount to benefit the developers as well as two wonderful charities: the Child’s Play Charity (bringing technology and games to kids in hospitals) and the American Red Cross (providing emergency assistance and disaster relief). So far, the generous contributions of bundle buyers have raised more than $13.9 million for charity! 

After the monumental success of its first AAA game bundle in 2012, Humble Bundle is thrilled to be partnering with another prominent publisher in the industry to bring esteemed titles to its digital distribution platform.

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