LEET Lounge PCs from Steiger Dynamics


Wandering around Gamescom you see lots of companies trying to present their latest non-game related products. Many of them are awful, many of them are dull, but this year a couple of things really caught my eye as products I need to have in my life. Once such product was the LEET from Steiger Dynamics.

They had a few of these set up in a mock lounge and they were all brushed aluminium cuboids with rounded edges and huge displays on the front showing the core temperature and CPU/RAM usage. A see through window on the top shows the glowing, neatly liquid cooled innards with some seriously high-spec components to boot. The systems are designed for the lounge environment and so everything has been designed from the ground up to work with your existing media centers.

At TPReview we’re big proponents of lounge-based PC gaming but for that you need an attractive PC that’s quiet ans well as being powerful enough to run games on huge TVs, SD might have cracked that with the LEET. The only sticking point is the price, but this is definitely a high-end PC within a luxury case so you’re getting what you’re paying for. It is possible to buy the cases seperately and build your own PC to spec up and put it all together.


Hopefully we’ll get our hands on a model to bring you a full review but for now this is at the top of our wishlist for high-end gaming, these things are beautiful.

For more information check out their website:



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