We’re Hiring!

Well sort of… we want more writers for reviews and news to help produce content for the site.

We’re run entirely by enthusiasts who all work full-time and as such we can’t offer you any kind of money in exchange for your writing. But you will of course receive games to review and the admiration of your peers.

If you’re interested in writing for TPReview please check that you meet the following specification:

  1. Are over 18 years old
  2. Play games enough that you have a good general knowledge of gaming
  3. Can write to a good standard and meet deadlines
  4. Are not in it just to score free games, we want enthusiasm, not a scammer
  5. Are easily contactable via e-mail
  6. Can take screenshots or use press assets in a responsible way rather than just stealing from Google images

We are happy to accept applications from any country as long as you write in English.

If you’re still interested please e-mail us at contact@tpreview.co.uk including a sample review of 600+ words and a brief personal statement explaining your qualifications, a little bit of detail about yourself and what games you are interested in.

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