New Head Mounted Display from Sony

With the Oculus Rift taking a lot of the headlines about where gaming is truly heading, Sony have just announced the rather spectacular HMZ-T3W (catchy name) – a high-end head mounted display for movies and games. This isn’t the same tech as the Oculus Rift, it isn’t virtual reality and there’s no head tracking. Instead it focuses on the immersion of having your entire viewing field encompassed by an incredible display, and the headset comes fitted with 7.1 surround speakers to make sure you have the appropriate high-end audio. All of this tech doesn’t come cheap, it’s coming to retail in November for £1300.


So if it doesn’t do headtracking, what’s the point of this? Well the HMZ-T3W apparently produces the effect of watching a 750 inch screen from 20 metres away. That’s well beyond what the vast majority of people have available to them in terms of screens (unless you’re Mr Imax) and the surround sound is going to trump most home sound systems. So while you’re getting top-notch audio and visual treatment, you can also take the system on the move as it contains a battery that can cope for 3 hours if you’re steaming content wirelessly from another device (such as a phone or laptop) or 7 hours if you’re using the HDMI connection. For gaming it could provide the ultimate isolation chambers for those late night Starcraft session, with a design adapted specifically so you can look down at a keyboard if needed. It all sounds rather special and we’ve reached out to Sony for a sample to give it a go. This is most definitely a luxury item but it’s also a very attractive one. Full press release below.

Immerse yourself in personal ‘big screen’ viewing with the new HMZ-T3W Head Mounted Display from Sony



  • Immersive personal viewing in HD while you’re travelling or relaxing at home
  • Light and comfortable to wear
  • Watch and move freely with WirelessHD™
  • Surround yourself with 7.1 channel headphone virtual sound
  • Speedy response time and serious features for PC gamers


Sit back, relax… and immerse yourself in a new world of portable entertainment. Whether you’re a movie lover or a dedicated gamer, the new HMZ-T3W Head Mounted Display brings your favourite content to life with awesome, super-size HD images and wireless freedom.

Slip on the light, easy-to-wear headset and enjoy the show. It’s like taking your own super-size cinema with you on holiday or while you’re travelling. Hook up your console, PC, mobile device or smartphone and enjoy a jaw-dropping view of movies, games and apps with a massive virtual screen size that’s equivalent to viewing a 750-inch cinema screen from 20m away.

You don’t even need to plug the head mounted display into an AC power socket. The handy, compact battery box keeps the HMZ-T3W powered for hours as you enjoy videos or games on the move. You can even charge the battery of your smartphone or tablet as you watch and play when connected via MHL.

From lengthy gaming sessions to movie marathons, you’ll be absorbed in immersive entertainment with supreme comfort. The ergonomically-styled head mounted unit features flexible headbands that adjust instantly to fit anyone. There’s a large, cushioned head pad to reduce wear pressure, plus easy lens adjustment for relaxed viewing.

Don’t let cables tie you down. The HMZ-T3W liberates you from your PC or AV rack, letting you relax in a favourite couch or move around without getting tangled up. New WirelessHD™ lets you enjoy personal entertainment anywhere in the room with uncompressed HD video with near-zero latency and crisp digital sound.

Thrilling 7.1 channel virtual sound adds an extra dimension of realism to movies and games. Listen through the supplied 16mm driver in-ear phones, or team the HMZ-T3W with your own headphones. Sony’s Virtual Surround Technology creates an impressive 360° soundstage with dialogue, music and effects placed accurately around you. It’s like being in the cinema – or right in the action as battle rages around you.

Because you only play to win: the HMZ-T3W keeps you right in the game with speedy responses and no annoying on-screen image lag. Touch a button to instantly boost contrast and enhance shape details – you’ll relish the competitive edge in dimly-lit scenes where danger’s always lurking. It’s the perfect way to enjoy all your favourite titles, from fast paced shoot-em-ups to car rallies. You won’t have to fumble for the right keys in mid-game. The ergonomic visor-style headset gives an unobstructed ‘look-down’ view of your PC’s keyboard and mouse while you play.

The new HMZ-T3W Head Mounted Display from Sony is available in the UK from from £1,300 from November 2013.

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Notes to editors


Technical specifications


Display device OLED panel x2 (1280×720 resolution)
Virtual image size 750 inches at 20m distance
3D ready Yes
Field of view 45 degrees
Headphone driver 16mm
Headphone frequency response 4-27000 Hz
Headphone sensitivity 106dB/mW
Picture Modes Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Game 1/2/3/4, Custom 1/2
Picture Settings Clear Black, Picture, Brightness, Colour Temperature, Sharpness
24p True Cinema Yes
Picture Control for Dark Adaptation Yes
Preset Audio Modes Standard, Cinema, Game, Music, Off
HDMI/MHL Input(s) and Output(s) Processor Unit: 3 inputs (HDMI) / 1 through-output(HDMI) / Battery Unit: 1 input (MHL/HDMI)
HMD Output(s) 1 output (HDMI)
HDMI CEC Control Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Fast forward, Fast rewind
Other features Video through-out, Auto power off, Wearing sensor, Prolonged viewing warning, password function
Dimensions (WxHxD) Approx.189 x148 x270mm (Head Mounted Unit – with bands) /

80 x26 x119 (Battery Unit) / 150 x 31 x 107mm (Processor Unit)

Weight Approx. 320g (Head Mounted Unit – cable not included) / 210g (Battery Unit – cable not included) / 250g (Processor Unit)
Battery life (with in-built lithium battery) 3h (wireless connection) / 7h(HDMI connection) / 3h (MHL connection)
Supplied accessories In-ear headphones, headphones attachments (S/M/L), 2x AC adaptors, AC cable, 1.5m HDMI cable, ambient light shield, carrying case


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