14 minutes of Watchdogs gameplay

This is basically the same gameplay as we saw at our Gamescom preview in the PS4 booth. Obviously things play out a little different thanks to it being actual gameplay, but the same features were shown off. We’re still massively hyped about Watchdogs and can’t wait to finally get our hands on it.

Within the gameplay They attack one of the security centres enabling them to hack whatever they want within that part of the city. It seems as though that’s going to be part of the progression of the open world, although knowing us the first thing we’ll do is go around and unlock every single one to get it out of the way. IT’s interesting to see how they try to limit your powers as it’s clear from the ability to hack things through a hacked CCTV camera, this is almost a sandbox game with you as the god of the city. Hopefully there won’t be mutant super-enemies to try and challenge you and they’ll come up with something smarter and more realistic.

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