Assassin’s Creed IV next-gen tech video

This might sound like a dull thing to watch but it’s one of our best looks yet at what the Assassin’s Creed engine is really capable of. The storms look incredible, with lightning silhouetting characters and the foliage and water detail appear to be much more advanced than pretty much anything we’ve seen on consoles. There’s like information on what the difference between current and next-gen will be like (despite the title of the video) but it looks like we’re in for an immersive treat on Xbox One, PS4 and PC without a doubt.

It’s also worth noting that when we played ACIV at Gamescom the game didn’t seem to look this good and we came away unimpressed. We’re tempted to believe that what we played was fairly early code compared to this and the lighting model in particular has received a substantial upgrade since that demo. This video makes the game look amazing, can’t wait to play it for real this November!

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