Sponsored Video – Battlefield 4: Second Assault Trailer

Back to the future of modern warfare

Battlefield 4’s ‘Second Assault’ DLC is already here for the Xbox One and is coming soon to all the other platforms – two weeks early if you have Premium. Featuring some of the best maps from Battlefield 3 with Metro, Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border and Gulf of Oman – all with a new levolution and some nice graphical upgrades.


The (rather spectacular) trailer shows off a lot of what we love about Battlefield 4, the sheer variety of ways a single firefight can play out. More maps is never a bad thing either as we’re just about getting to the point where we’re sick of seeing the same few again and again.

Operation Firestorm in particular might look rather drab as an exposed oil refinery site out in the middle of the desert but the wide open spaces make jets genuinely useful to try and slow down vehicle assaults and the myriad of walkways lead to some interesting on-foot battles, we’ve missed it since we moved onto this title and can’t wait to go back. The other maps all grew on us over time.

Caspian Border might seem huge and empty on last-gen consoles but with 64 players it’s an almost perfect map. From close and brutal fighting at the checkpoint and gas station to the quiet(ish) woods and the exposed rocky mountain – there’s always something different to do, something new to get involved in or an alternative way to approach an objective. Now the collapsing central tower is more than an eat visual effect, it actually smashes vehicles and players out of the way as it comes to rest cutting across the border wall that’s been the bane of tanks for the last couple of years.

Metro is almost the polar opposite with a lush park and some nice Parisian streets at either end but with a brutal corridor of death in the actual Metro tunnels. At first it seems like a lazy design, a narrow funnel which was easy to defend but over time it grew into something to strategise over and could be won by clever use of equipment rather than sheer force or reflexes. Good use of suppressing fire and squads moving up in groups allow you to take over entire areas of the Metro, locking them down with situational awareness and LMGs. It’ll be interesting to see how the map plays out with the balance tweaks found in BF4.

Gulf of Oman has always been one of the best open maps and now it brings with it a sandstorm levolution that decreases visibility down to near-zero. We’ve always longed for a proper nighttime map for Battlefield or Call of Duty where visibility is a real concern, and while we’re not there yet maybe this goes part way to satisfying us and will definitely annoy all those perpetual snipers sitting in the distance never helping their team. Maybe every map should have a sandstorm.


All in all this looks to be a solid pack and remember you can get it two weeks early if you pick up Premium for Battlefield 4. Find out more at the official Battlefield 4 website, the Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter.

This was a sponsored post – but we do love Battlefield 4 .

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