DayZ Standalone Alpha released

Just a head’s up that the standalone for the phenomenal DayZ has finally been released. It’s still very alpha, with bugs galore, but it’s arguably more polished than the mod ever was. You can download it directly from Steam for £19.99 here and it’s easy to install and get up and running in a game. Any further than that though might be a little trickier.

We’ve only had one go on it so far, but here’s what happened:

We woke up on a beach in the middle of the night. Searching through our pockets we found a torch and a battery and nothing else, so we put the torch into the battery and then spent around 10 minutes trying to work out how to point the torch in front of ourself, motor skills aren’t our strength. (You need to equip the torch into your hands and then press ‘space’). Wandering carefully up to a tiny village, we found it deserted and managed to grab an axe from an empty warehouse nearby. after being unable to find anything resembling food we set a course for the nearest city, with ominous tower blocks blotting out the moonlit horizon. The walk was uneventful, we were thirsty and tired, so decided to drink some stagnant-looking water from a pond. There were a few zombie noises, but nothing too close.

Once we got to the apartment block, the stairs were a crumbled mess of concrete, but there was a ladder, so we climbed. Heading up to the first few floors there was nothing but a rotten banana out on a balcony, there must be a story behind that somewhere. Perhaps in a fit of rage in the final argument of a doomed couple someone threw a banana and there it lays, or perhaps it fell out of the shopping bag. I took it anyway.

Heading up the stairs to the next floor I saw a shape, it lurched off to the side so I readied my axe, finally, a zombie.

It came back, squared into my view at the top of the stairs, then it waved at me. Yes, it waved. Turns out this wasn’t a zombie but a fellow player. I hesitated with my fingers gripped around the axe, but decided to start up a conversation. Turns out he was unarmed and had just seen my light so followed me, I’d passed right next to a zombie on the way it turns out, guess those noises were closer than I thought. We continued to search for food or supplies in the flat, but to avail. Eventually I found a ladder to the roof.

Still nothing, but on the very top of a little box on the roof there was a few measly bullets that I shoved into my pockets.

Seeing as the box was only around 6 feet off the ground, I hopped on down and broke my legs.


Snapped like twigs, I guess the shipwreck that cast me adrift here left me with rickets somehow. So crawling on my hands and knees at the top of a tower block that I had climbed two ladders to reach the summit of, I knew my time was limited. I called out to my new friend to see if he could put me out of my misery in return for my axe and banana, but there was no reply. In agony I crawled my way across the rough shingles to the edge and rose to my fgeet, shakily but steady. I lifted one leg over the edge, then let myself fall, 20 stories onto concrete.

Miraculously I didn’t die straight away, I had time to stand up, pretend to climb over something then drop to the floor dead.

Welcome to DayZ

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