Sponsored Video – Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Trailer

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At E3 there are always games you expect to see: Halo, Uncharted, Call of Duty – the usuals. Last year there was something new and different, something I don’t think anybody could have predicted – that’s Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. A third-person multiplayer competitive shooter set in the Plants vs Zombies Universe it’s currently hard to make out exactly what it’s going to be like – and in a world of identikit shooters that’s most definitely a good thing. The latest trailer focuses on one of the insane weapons and the brief segment of gameplay footage is more than enough to leave us wanting more.



We’re hoping that the creativity seen in these little snippets carries on across the whole game. We have such fond memories of games like Timesplitters and Armed and Dangerous, it’s shocking there haven’t been more games of that ilk in the last decade – firing off slightly different AK47s and M4s has a certain appeal but occasionally you just want to get behind an aquatic animal launcher and hit your enemies where they don’t expect it.

Visually Garden Warfare looks stunning so far with vibrant colours and amazingly authentic 3D reimaginings of the Plants vs Zombies cast. Who’d have thought the developers could get plants to animate in such a way that they can convincingly sprint around a battlefield but somehow Popcap have managed it. The Cactus near the end of the trailer doesn’t look out of place at all, it’s just chilling next to a zombie scientist who’s attacking it with a dolphin. As you do.

Plants vs Zombies might be weird, but it’s a weird we want to get to know. The game is scheduled to release February 25, 2014. That’s next week!


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