Twitch streaming coming to Xbox One

One of our biggest disappointments with the Xbox One was the lack of dedicated streaming. We’ve been able to do it using a seperate DVR device but it’s so easy on the Playstation 4 it’s almost a must-have feature for the next generation. Thankfully Microsoft are catching up March 11th and possibly even surpassing the competition.

All you will need to do to start streaming is say ‘Xbox broadcast’ and assuming your details are saved you will be connected directly to Twitch where anybody can watch you playing. The kinect of course allows for in-picture video, there’s a variety of different options to stream full screen or include the viewer number or comments and there’s a host of customisation options that go beyond what the PS4 is capable of right now.

This is great news for the console and coming just in time for Titanfall, expect to see a lot of Xbox One gameplay on our Twitch channel next month!


From the blog:

Broadcasting, Chat, and More Coming to Xbox One

Feb 25 2014 · 39 comments · EventsNewsTech


It’s official. On March 11th, Twitch broadcasting comes to Xbox One. “Wait, that’s the same day as Titanfall!” you say. Yes, yes it is. But that’s not all!

Along with broadcasting functionality, the updated Twitch app for Xbox One gets an enhanced viewing experience as well – Chat, Following, and Notifications are all coming in the update. With so much new stuff, let’s jump right into the particulars. See below for a video overview and feature set. And you can read more on Xbox Wire and in the news.



  • Instantly live broadcast your games by simply speaking “Xbox, Broadcast”, or launch from within the Twitch app for Xbox One.
  • Position the webcam PIP in any corner of the screen to best fit your game.
  • Interact with broadcasters using the most lines of chat available on a console.
  • Your Xbox friends are notified when you go live.

Viewing and Chatting

  • View live gameplay from any Twitch source: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PS4, etc.
  • Get notifications when your favorite gamers are broadcasting so you never miss a minute.
  • For Xbox One broadcasts, you can view the broadcaster’s Xbox Live profile and send them a party request and join their game.
  • See which Xbox Live friends are broadcasting and what they’re broadcasting.
  • Partake in the chat experience, including using your subscription-based emotes and chat badges.
  • Turbo subscribers get an ad-free experience.

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