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Broforce is chaos embodied in game form. At times you might come across a challenge, thinking through it carefully and then dying just before the end because of a stray bullet you hadn’t accounted for. Then on your next life you’ll be Ash from Evil Dead and you’ll plough through the whole level in a typhoon of blood and explosions. There’s no ‘right’ way to play the game, but doing it carefully is a hell of a lot less fun.


Essentially a side-scrolling shooter/platformer in the mould of Contra, Broforce is just as hardcore in that a single hit will send you to an early grave. Thankfully along the way you can rescue prisoners from cages to give you extra lives by the way of new characters. Each character has their own weapon, jumping stats and special and you’ll use these to make your way to the end of the map and then you’ll kill the devil, jump on a helicopter and everything will explode. Oh and those characters you’re constantly unlocking? They’re ‘on-the-border-of-lawsuit’ style parodies of Rambo, Neo, Ash, Conan and more. There’s nothing like getting smacked down by a twenty foot robot as Indiana Jones only to come back as the Terminator and lay waste to it with a chain gun. Maybe a small building is giving you issues? Perhaps next time you’ll return as Agent J from Men in Black and use the noisy cricket to blow the whole thing to hell in a single shot.

Levels are casually littered with explosives of lots of different kinds and nearly everything is destructible. Your attacks and enemies and environmental hazards will blow ground away efficiently, so much so that’s it’s a viable tactic to simply mine your way underneath many levels, tunneling through the rock with Ash’s shotgun or Blade’s sword. Occasionally a level with change things up with a huge robot boss or a hazard that demolishes the level behind you and these are the greatest challenges within the game. There is a gradual increase in difficult as you move through but the constant unlocks of new characters (that are then added to your rotation) keep the excitement high.


Even better is that the whole thing works in split-screen or online multiplayer with campaigns, races and an explosion mode( we couldn’t get the last one to work to test in the current alpha but it sounds awesome) and due to the hectic shooting and pace of the levels (many can be completed in under a minute, it’s an absolute blast to play. The devs might have needed to avoid the one-liners from the heroes, but you and your friends won’t be able to resist.

The alpha so far on early access could easily be released as a full game and be worth £15, as it stands it’s only £12 and they’re still adding more to the game. If you have any fondness for 2d co-operative shooters at all, or action movies of the last 30 years, then this is a no-brainer in the best possible way. For once an early-access game we can unreservedly recommend!

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