Razer Ouroboros Review

Mice are adapted to suit different purposes. The Naga boasts a huge number of programmable buttons, the Rat is incredibly customisable, but what happens when you just want something that is good at pointing and clicking? Enter the Ouroboros.


The Ouroboros is a slightly customisable wireless gaming mouse that combines Razer’s trademark precision and accuracy with ergonomics and aesthetics. It’s certainly a good looking piece of kit and Razer knows it, selling it in a clear plastic cube on its charging stand. With sheek black curves and bold straight lines the Ouroboros is quite the looker, but it has been designed with the shape of your hand in mind first so it’s effortlessly comfortable no matter which grip you use. There are optional little sections on the side and parts of the mouse can be extended so even if you have giant hands you can still make it the way you want.

The sensor is ridiculously precise, 8200dpi to be exact, but that’s not really a number that means anything. Basically it’s incredibly sensitive and if you want to ramp up the sensitivity you can and you’ll be flying all over the screen. There’s a trigger clutch button on the side which is a feature we’ve seen on a couple of mice lately. It lets you dramatically reduce your sensitivity while it’s held, allowing you to make precision shots in games but freeing it up for broad movements afterwards. It’s a really nice feature and if you get in the bait of using it long distance shooting in FPS games becomes much easier.


The mouse is wireless and that’s where the only problems with it lie. There’s no input lag that we could detect which is excellent, but despite the advertised 12h battery life, we couldn’t get it to hold a charge for more than about three hours of use. You can plug in a cable and use it wired (the cable is supplied) but having a wireless mouse that requires charging repeatedly in one long gaming session is very disappointing and we ended up quickly resorting to leaving it plugged in all the time. This might just be because this is a review model and people have been abusing it somehow, but it definitely seems like a significant issue.

Overall the Ouroboros would be easy to recommend if it was down to form factor, precision and features. However, with the incredibly hefty £129.99 price tag and the dodgy battery life it suddenly becomes a lot less attractive. If money is no object and you need a wireless mouse, then this is a great choice. Just be aware that there are plenty of cheaper wired mice that are just as good.

Verdict 7

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