Thor #1 Review

 Thor #1 by Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson
There must always be Thor…


After seeing that Marvel were introducing a female Thor we felt compelled to pick up the first issue to see how Marvel were going to pull this off. As people who have never read a Thor title we found this issue very newcomer friendly. Even though the issue follows on from events in the Original Sin series we did not find it a problem not having read them, but it probably would have explained some of the events within this issue and been a better experience if we had.

The surprising thing about the issue is that the new protagonist is absent throughout most of it. This issue is more about the original Thor and how his present predicament opens the way for a new Thor to arise. The story is setting the scene for events to come and we do not meet the new Thor until the final page in which there is a fantastic image of her raising the hammer, taking on her new title.

The art is nice, with a silvery palate depicting snowy Asgard and the Nords.

This issue is worth picking up if you are curious about this new title, even though it is more of a prelude and does not contain the wow factor we were expecting. The next issue promises to deliver what we were anticpating with the first as we will hopefully get to properly meet the new Thor.

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