Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Season Pass announced

Every year a new Call of Duty comes out and there’s some kind of backlash from the people who think it’s too popular to be cool and the people who think the series isn’t as good as it used to be. These people are generally hipsters and should be avoided.

For the rest of you, Advanced Warfare is on the way (3rd November if you pre-order) and as ever there’s a season pass to go with it. From the off you get a new map set around a dam and you’ll also get four multiplayer dlc packs (each usually has a set of levels and maybe a gun or a new map for the survival mode). In our experience the season passes have been pretty good value and a good way to add lifespan to the game. We’re still playing Ghosts occasionally and the new maps and their little novelties are still a lot of fun to play. It feels as though the devs tend to experiment more with the DLC maps so it’s likely to be where you’ll find the more unique levels.

Here’s the trailer and the full press release is below.

Lock in a full season of amazing content with the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Season Pass, all for one great low price.
The Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Season Pass gives you access to four exciting DLC packs at one great price, each delivering a collection of new, innovative multiplayer content and more.
It all starts now. With Season Pass you get instant access to the Atlas Gorge Multiplayer Map, a re-envisioning of the fan favorite Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare® map, Pipeline. Explore the map’s new verticality, empowered by Advanced Warfare’s exoskeleton technology, and take control of the devastating map-based turret scorestreak.
The Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Season Pass includes:
– Four epic DLC packs
– Early access to bonus DLC weapons
– Atlas Gorge, a bonus Multiplayer map available immediately at launch
Learn more about the Season Pass:
Pre-order the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition now and get up to 24 hours early access!

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