Evolve Alpha Guide and key giveaway

The Evolve alpha is upon Xbox One owners and coming to other platforms soon. If you’ve jumped in already you might feel a little overwhelmed by the choices and different playstyles open to you. We’ve had a lot of fun with it so far but it’s definitely frustrating if you’re on a losing team. So to help out here’s a guide for each role in the Evolve alpha, we’re going to assume you’re using the default characters for each class as it’s an alpha. At the bottom of the page we also have a giveaway for one Xbox One and one PC alpha code (guaranteed access). Good hunting!

The Monster


In the alpha you’re going to be playing as the Goliath. He’s big, he’s strong and he’s surprisingly nimble, but that doesn’t make him invincible..

  1. When you spawn, run. The hunters will spawn directly on top of you, you don’t have time to get used to the control or start eating, you need to get away as fast as possible. If you have charge, use it to get away and make a beeline for one of the corners of the map. For now avoid the buildings or the coast, they’re too open and there’s not enough opportunities to eat. Where you can climb onto a cliff and then use your jump to reach other cliffs and double back a little, this can help you to lose the hunters.
  2. Once you’ve got some distance, sneak and eat. You can sneak with the B/Circle button and this will stop you from alerting your prey or the hunters. You need to chow down on some of the smaller beasties in the jungle and ideally get to level two and maybe even three before you ever come across the hunters. This means killing one or two beasts, eating them, and then getting away like you did for number one. If you spot the hunters, run away from them. You’ve got plenty of time to do what you need to do, there’s no sense in taking them on while you’re weak.
  3. Evolve as soon as you can. Once you fill up the blue circle the game will tell you to find somewhere safe to evolve, don’t take too long worrying about this. Just climb up somewhere high and hit both triggers to evolve. This will make you much more powerful, add or power up an ability and even get some health back.
  4. If you’re trapped, go high. This will be less useful once the game has been out for a while, but for now you can escape most of the hunters simply by climbing. Most levels have some kind of high points dotted around whether they’re cliffs or structures and it’s more of a pain for the hunters to attack you if you’re up there. Often they’ll have to use the slow jetpack climb so you can just keep sensing (click in the right stick) and then knock them away once they get up there. Don’t forget to use all of your abilities as they do a lot more damage than your standard attack.
  5. Go for the power core. As soon as you hit level three, go straight for the power core. Lots of players still don’t get that you can win like that in your third phase, so they might still be trying to hunt you down outside. Instead you want to go straight there and do as much damage to it as quickly as possible. If you have over half health by now it’s probably worth just attacking the core rather than the hunters, just charge them out of the way if they become too much of a problem. The core is surprisingly flimsy and the inside of that building is a deathtrap for the hunters who can’t use things like orbital strikes.



In MMO terms, Assault is the DPS and the tank all rolled into one. You’re going to be the doing the bulk of the damage to the beast and you’re going to be trying to take the hits as much as possible.

  1. Don’t stop running. You need to be on the monster at all times. The longer it takes you to kill the monster the stronger it gets and since you’re doing the damage, you should be shooting it as much as is humanly possible. Use your machine gun for long distance but whenever possible switch to the lightning gun to do incredible amounts of damage. Your squad shouldn’t be fighting the wildlife, it just slows you down, but and occasional lightning blast into smaller enemies early on might deprive the monster of a bit of food.
  2. Time your shields. You have a shield that makes you invincible, don’t waste it. Wait until the monster uses flamebreath or picks up a rock before you switch the shield on, if he’s just swinging at you your jetpack should be enough to let you get out of the way. A double tap of A/X will let you boost a little and you can keep on firing. Save your shield for when he’s really gunning for you or when you need to revive someone because everyone else is down. In general you shouldn’t be doing the reviving, you should be shooting.
  3. Use mines when the arena comes up. As soon as the arena comes up, throw all of your mines down and then run forwards. The best use of them is to get the monsters attention, then as your shield is running out back over the mines to stun the beast. They do a fair bit of damage and in the chaos of the firefights it’s hard for the monster to tell where they are. Don’t think too much about your placement, that’s time you could be shooting.
  4. Aim for the weak points. This might sound obvious, but the sniper can create weak points and you should be aiming all your fire there. You do much more damage this way and can drop a monster shockingly quickly if you’ve got a good aim.
  5. Don’t die. All too often you see assaults standing there receiving a beating without any kind of protection. If you don’t have your shield and the support guy can’t help you out, you should be moving as much as possible to avoid damage. If you go down the monster is almost unstoppable so don’t let yourself get killed. Just keep using your jetpack, shields and mines to keep yourself safe..



The trapper is probably the most fun to play, unfortunately it’s also the class where there’s the most risk of messing things up for everyone else.

  1. Get that shield down. You have an amazing ability with the mobile arena. Once you get close to the monster you need to drop that ASAP. If you miss it you’re on a long cooldown and the monster can easily escape so you have to be sure. Don’t waste time doing anything else when you’re close, this is your main role and your biggest priority. Remember it’s something you throw so you can send it a little way away from you.
  2. Use the harpoons all at once. Your second most useful ability is the harpoon, the arena is huge and you need to tie the monster down as much as possible. With harpoon traps you can fire them behind it and they will leash it to the ground until it turns to attack them. This means it’s stuck for a second so your team can unleash hell and the monster will stop damaging your teammates for a second.
  3. Revive team-mates. Your gun is probably the worst in the game so you doing damage is less important than anyone else. Because of this you’re in a good position to go revive anyone who gets downed. Of course you have to watch that the monster doesn’t take you out too, but with your harpoons and communication it’s not too hard to keep people going.
  4. Use the high ground. You need to be able to see the monster before it sees you and the easiest way to do that is to keep high up. This also means you’ll have an idea of how far away it is for you to use your trap. Daisy will follow the monster at all times but you don’t need to be right beside her, you can go high up so you can get to a position asap once it’s been spotted. You shouldn’t ever really be on the jungle floor unless you’re reviving someone.
  5. Don’t forget you do have a gun. Although your gun is terrible, it still does do some damage so if there’s nothing else to be doing you should be shooting the monster. Every little helps!



Support is an interesting class that creates one of the most difficult strategic dilemmas in the alpha. Do you help your team or shoot?

  1. Save the orbital strike for when it will hit. The orbital strike is powerful but it’s also really slow and the monsters tend to move around a lot. Communicate with your team and make sure you use it when the monster is harpooned or tranquilised or evolving. Also let your teammates know when you’re going to use it as it will send them flying which can be a pain if they’re about to use one of their own abilities.
  2. Only use your shield when you need to. Your gun is amazing and only Assault does more damage than you do. Save your shield for when a teammate needs invincibility for something specific. If it saves them from death or helps them to revive someone, then it’s worth it. At all other times you should be shooting the boss constantly.
  3. Revive if you have to. If the trapper and/or medic are down you are the next best role to go and revive someone. Pop your cloak and get them up before your cloak switches off. Be aware though that you are losing a lot of damage if you’re reviving someone so be sure it’s really worth it.
  4. Cloak on cooldown. What this means if that you should be popping your cloak every time it is available. It stops the monster from seeing you which means you can get closer with your team. If you let everyone know once you have it, you can group up a little and try to help the trapper get close by to use the mobile arena.
  5. Stay high. Just like the trapper your abilities are easier to use when you can see everything, try to stay as high up as you can so you can keep your laser cutter trained on the monster at all times and select good times to use your orbital strike.



Unlike medics in nearly all games ever, in Evolve you actually get a good gun and a lot to do at any given time. People will often blame the medic for a failure but if you stay on top of things you can make all the difference.

  1. Snipe as often as possible. Your gun lets you create weak points on the enemy. It does a decent amount of damage on its own but those weak points mean your team can drop the monster incredibly quickly. Shoot as often as you can, you don’t even need to use the sight until you’re a long way away (at which point you should be running to get closer anyway). The monster is huge, just noscope.
  2. Keep it tranquilised. Your tranquiliser gun will not only slow the monster down ,but it will highlight it through walls for everyone else. As soon as one fades off, shoot another. The range is incredible on this and it will help the trapper enormously if you can keep the monster in sight. In normal fights you’ll often be switching between the sniper and tranquiliser rapidly so it might help to take the perk that increases the speed of swapping weapons.
  3. Revive from a distance if you have to. Your healing gun can revive from a distance, so it’s definitely an option but it is also incredibly slow. If it’s easier, just run up and revive the old fashioned way. In general it’s better if the trapper does the reviving once the arena is up so you can keep sniping away.
  4. Don’t waste your healing burst.  Your healing burst is insanely powerful but clearly it relies on your team being clumped up. In general it’s better to communicate that you’re going to use it, and let people come to you. The alternative is to try and stick by the Assault so you can keep him topped up. Just be careful that you don’t get taken out yourself, dodge away whenever you need to.
  5. Listen. People will need healing, it’s inevitable, so listen out for them and pay attention. Your healing gun has a huge range but you still have to actually use it if you want your team to survive. Don’t heal people who are at full health, spend that time shooting/tranquillising instead.

So hopefully some of these tips will help you out. If you have any more questions just ask us on Twitter @TP_Review


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