Sponsored Video: Dragon Age Inquisition Launch Trailer revealed

This is a post sponsored by EA. We only agree to write paid-for articles when it’s about a game we already love. This is one of those games.

We haven’t brought you a review of Dragon Age Inquisition yet because we really want to do it justice. We’re around twenty hours in and absolutely loving it, but it’d be unfair to give a game this majestic a write-up without experiencing the final act. What we can tell you is that this is bigger, more beautiful and more involved than any Dragon Age game so far, including Origins. The trailer below highlights some of the outstanding world-building that has been achieved with Inquisition along with a hint at some of the action.

One of the biggest complaints about Dragon Age 2 was that the environments were dull and reused so many times under a pretense that they were somehow different. Not so here, there’s enough content in the first area (the Hinterlands) to keep you occupied for the length of most other full-price games but once you’re ready you can go on to explore savage coasts, haunted swamps and ornate cities around the rest of Ferelden and Orlais. Every area has had heaps of detail lavished upon it, like a little stool and table along with a bottle of wine and a lump of cheese that we found scrambling around rocks (in a place the game gives you no reason to go to) along the Storm Coast. Each area is populated by people that sometimes desperately need your help in true RPG fashion, but often they’ll see you as an annoyance, wanting to get on with their lives and try to stay out of the war. Of course you can always persuade them that joining the inquisition would be better for them, especially if you’re inclined to follow a Sopranos-esque route.

At the moment it looks as though it’s going to take a while before we’ve seen enough of the game to write up a proper review, so if you’re sitting on the fence at the moment take a look at the trailer and then head out to the shops to buy it. If you’re at all interested in Fantasy RPGs you’re going to find a lot to love in Dragon Age Inquisition.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is on sale in shops and digitally right now for Xbox One.

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