Windows 10 Features PC/Xbox One cross-play

At today’s event Microsoft have announced that WIndows 10 will come pre-loaded with an ‘Xbox’ app. This will feature the friends list and activity feed we’re used to on Xbox One alongside the DVR feature that allows you to capture and upload the last thirty seconds of gameplay. It’s unclear as to whether this will work with any games but it demonstrated on stage with Civilisation: Beyond Earth running through Steam.

This is all vaguely interesting but the real surprise (for us at least) was the announcement of Fable Legends for PC and that you can play co-op or versus against players on Xbox One. The last cross-platform game we remember like this was the 360 FPS Shadowrun which allowed PC gamers to go up against gamers on console, but it seems like Microsoft are returning to that idea in a big way. Fable Legends is the only game announced with this feature so far but it’s not much of a stretch to imagine that Halo and Gears of War might be quick to follow.

Will Microsoft willing cannibalise their own sales? It’s clearly good news for gamers as it means more people to play against, more choice for which platform to get (no longer do you just need to buy games on the same platforms as your friends do) and a better chance for Microsoft to bring games to PC day and date with console, but if all that choice is there how many people are going to pick the PC over the Xbox when even mid-range PCs can outpace the unimpressive hardware specs of the Xbox One. We’ll certainly be picking more games up on PC if this feature makes it to the mainstream.

As a reminder, Windows 10 will be free to anyone with Windows 8..1

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