Sponsored Video: Battlefield Hardline Launches tomorrow!

This post has been sponsored by EA but our thoughts are our own.

We’ve been playing Battlefield: Hardline this week and we’re excited for the official UK launch tomorrow (Friday 20th March). Its take on cops and robbers might not be the most authentic in the world but it’s an entertaining twist on what has been a consistently winning formula.

Visceral Games are at the helm for the latest in the Battlefield franchise and they’ve produced a game that keeps to the same beat of Battlefield 4 but introduces a plethora of new modes and mechanics to make the game their own. In single-player you’ll be spending much of the game sneaking about and arresting enemies instead of killing them, in multiplayer land mines are loadout-based rocket launchers are a thing of the past leading to car based vehicular combat and messy, brutal close quarters fights in mansions, suburbs and swamps.

We completed the campaign on hard and had a surprising amount of fun roleplaying as possibly the worst cop in existence. We’d alternate between cleverly finding ways to arrest whole gangs without firing a shot and sniping harmless thugs from a distance so we could steal their weapon because it looked shiny. As you progress through the missions you get an ‘Expert rating’ that allows you to unlock new weapons and is based almost entirely on your ability to arrest certain targets and gather evidence. It provides a nice change of pace from the all out warfare common to the series.

In multiplayer the series foundation conquest is back, but it’s joined by a new twist called hotwire where each capture point is a drivable vehicle, heist which is a bit like rush but the attackers must break into vaults, steal money and then reach evacuation points, and bloody money where both sides are racing to build up a vault of cash that can be raided at any time by your opponents. Heist is by far our favourite so far with some nerve-wracking runs to extraction points and immense satisfaction when you shoot someone down feet away from their helicopter, but each and every mode is fun in its own way.

We’ll be bringing you a full review of Battlefield: Hardline soon but for now enjoy the video and see you on the beat.

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