Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (Xbox One)

We’ve already reviewed the Borderlands games so we’re not going to repeat ourselves here. In summary they are a fine mixture of Diablo-esque loot collection and solid FPS shooting wrapped in a package that might be too lengthy and suffer from pacing issues (especially the Pre-sequel) but is saved by the excellent co-op systems on offer.

The Handsome Collection combines Borderlands 2, The Pre-Sequel, and all of the DLC for those two games. This really is a staggering amount of content. You could happily sink 100s of hours into vanilla Borderlands 2 and on top of that you get new campaigns and characters that warrant whole new playthroughs. For value for money it’s a pretty incredible deal.


Of course many of you will have played one (or even both) of these games before, so is it worth the new upgrade?

We think so. On Xbox One the game looks great and runs smoothly. It gives the PC version on ultra a run for its money until you start playing with split-screen, but that’s hardly surprising when you realise you can play 4-player splitscreen. There’s not many games that let you do this on the current generation but Borderlands manages it incredibly well. Of course the framerate drops but you’ll be having far too much fun to notice. If you can’t get three friends round to play then you can play with as many as you’ve got then invite other people to join in online and they’ll be able to see where you’re up to on the main menu and pick a character that suits, then simply join. The game carries on uninterrupted for you and the enemies simply get a little stronger. If they leave again the game will carry on and the enemies get a little weaker. It sounds simple but so few games get this right that it’s an absolute joy to play, especially after the shenanigans involved in getting a Heist together on GTA Online.


We don’t think these games are perfect (although Borderlands 2 is pretty close) but if you want split-screen multiplayer FPS action, this is easily one of the best around. Co-op gamers should see this as an essential part of their collection. We only wish they’d seen fit to include the original or the new Telltale series.

Verdict 9

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