Destiny Expansion House of Wolves Prologue Trailer but no Raid

We’ve spent a lot of time in Destiny and thoroughly enjoyed the Vault of Glass, the raid that requires some excellent teamwork and planning to overcome, with the promise of better gear. The gameplay in the raid really is like nothing else in the rest of the game and is a shining example of how MMO ideas could work on console. Sadly Bungie have decided that with the new expansion, House of Wolves, there will be no raid. Instead there will be a three-player arena mode that is currently under wraps. The word ‘arena’ makes me think of a horde mode style event which in our minds is decidedly less interesting than a whole new raid.

We’ll try to keep an open mind but this has really put us off picking up the season pass, which we thought we’d have a go at once all the raids were out. Perhaps they’re saving their best raid ideas for Destiny 2, but it seems strange to leave out the one piece of content fans are desperate for.

More when we hear it but for now enjoy the prologue video:


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