Guitar Hero Live Announced

So with Rock Band 4 on the (distant) horizon, we have now been given the details on the new Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero Live. Bundled with a new guitar-controller, but apparently without microphone or drums, the game is apparently an attempt to let the franchise grow up a little. The new plastic guitar looks a lot more like a real guitar, ditching the primary colours in favour of six buttons in two rows of three, one row is black and the other is white.

On easy mode, you’ll just use three buttons like always. On progressively harder difficulties you’ll use both rows and even chords made up of combinations. Other than that the gameplay seems much the same with notes coming down the center and you having to hit them on time.


The graphics have also been given an overall with the stylised cartoon bands being replaced with live-action video from the first person. We were worried this would be one video throughout but it seems they’ve woven together different reactions to what you’re doing so the crowd will still turn on you if you’re terrible.

The biggest change that we can see (and the one that we’re genuinely excited about) is the introduction of GHTV. No longer will a new game be released each year, instead Activision will be introducing new music through this system that functions a lot like a music channel. Music videos play in the background and at any point you can tune in, pick up your guitar and start playing along. Leaderboards are present showing you who is winning on that current song right now so any time you play there’ll be a healthy amount of competition. We can imagine it being a pain if the music selection is terrible, waiting for a song you like to show up, but if they get the music right it could be an absolute blast to having a rolling stream of new music and competition at your fingertips.


It’s all very early and the playlist will be what seals it, but for now count us as cautiously optimistic.

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