Call of Duty Black Ops Three Gameplay trailer and details

Black Ops Three has been unveiled in more detail than any Call of Duty game in recent memory. Traditionally we get some kind of teaser, a single player reveal at E3 and then a multiplayer reveal in the summer. Looks like now we’ve just got at least a taste of everything in one go. First of all, here’s the trailer:


So what do we have there? A team of four, who will all be able to be player controlled in the main campaign. That’s four-player co-op in the traditionally single-player story mode. Of course Treyarch pulled this off before (albeit with some technical difficulties) in World at War, and we’re glad to see a return to form. Other than that we can see that this is continuing with the Advanced Warfare style movement and some TitanFall style wall-running and momentum building for good measure. We loved Titanfall and Advanced Warfare so we’re happy to see some more of that intense movement-based action, but it’s already ruffling some feathers around the internet.


In the trailer we see a bow and arrow, robots, some kind of spinning drone that chases people down, underwater combat and some fairly nice character models. The graphics aren’t particularly impressive elsewhere, but this is still six months before release (November 6th) and we’re told that this is current-gen only so there’s time to make some improvements in that regard. The gun design is pretty exciting, with that chunky 80s sci-fi aesthetic coupled with some more traditional assault weapons. We’re hoping to see a multiplayer stream from 8PM GMT on #TheRace’s channel so hopefully we’ll see more of the weapons there.


Here’s a quick round-up of what we know about the game so far:

  • Releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on November 6th, 2015
  • You get into a beta if you pre-order (rumours are the beta is very soon)
  • Four-player co-op campaign
  • Zombies mode included in the game
  • Zombies has a real campaign and story this time and its own progression system
  • Some enhanced movement like wallrunning and a sort of hovering, but no double jumps or boost dodges
  • Can create your own camos for guns using the new ‘Paintshop’ feature
  • Multiplayer uses nine ‘specialist’ characters, each with their own abilities
  • Nuketown is back (based on a t-shirt being sold in the official store that has since been removed)
  • Larger campaign maps with areas built like arenas to cope with the co-op demands


We’re very excited about Black Ops Three already. The multiplayer is going to be playable at E3 next month and we’ll bring you all the news as it breaks.

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