Fallout 4 Announced with in-engine trailer

War, War never changes.

Neither do Bethesda’s game engines it seems. The Fallout 4 trailer is finally upon us with confirmation that the game exists, is coming to current-gen consoles and PC, is set in and around Boston, and has a dog in it. Watch the trailer for yourself below:


So in that trailer we see a new Vault (111), some Megaton-esque settlements, what appears to be a deathclaw, some ghouls in a shop, lots of power armour, a large airship, some kind of workshop that could serve as the player’s base, and then potentially some playable pre-war sections. It’d be odd if Bethesda spent all that time making those models and textures if they were purely for the sake of this trailer, so our money is on a pre-war prologue, leading up to your life in the vault.

Graphically, it’s not particularly impressive. The textures, models and animations all look a little last-gen, but thankfully the art style is excellent as ever, with an increased use of bright, vivid colours. It’s an odd world where we’re a little disappointed that the dog’s fur isn’t dynamic in any way, but putting it in perspective, we have a Fallout 4 trailer. We have confirmation that it exists, it looks like Fallout, and we can’t wait to play it.

We’ll find out more about Fallout 4 at Bethesda’s press conference on Monday 15th June (just a week and a half away) but before then we’re going engage in some rampant speculation. So here we go:

  • The game will come out October 2015
  • The player character will be an android but possibly not know it
  • There will be no loading times when entering towns and buildings
  • The dog will be an integral part of the game and not optional like Dogmeat was
  • There will be a greater emphasis on survival aspects including finding enough food and water
  • There will be an impressive dynamic weather system including torrential downpours and sandstorms. Think Mad Max: Fury Road-style sandstorms.

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