E3 Predictions 2015

It’s that time of year again and with leaks and early announcements starting to spring out all over the place, we thought we’d share our predictions for this year. For 2014 we predicted a lot of crazy things that still haven’t (and might not) happen, but we did get a few right such as Halo 2 Anniversary/MCC, Uncharted 4, LBP 3, Mario Maker, and the new Zelda. Lets see if we can do better this time.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Campaign Reveal

This is basically tradition at this point. We know there’s a new Call of Duty coming, expect a long sequence from a campaign level to be shown off during the conference. It’ll probably contain a vehicle section and some interesting use of a new ability or grenade, because they always do.

Gears of War 4

We’re going to predict this one again, because there’s been more rumblings than before and we’re shocked there hasn’t been one yet. Possibly a CGI trailer followed by a montage of gameplay sections with both single player and multiplayer. We’re expecting more of a multiplayer focus for this entry, with a game developed specifically around spectator modes, tournaments and a progression system


For those who are unaware, Overwatch is Blizzard’s new team-based FPS that’s more than a little similar to Team Fortress. We think this’ll be coming to both consoles, but Microsoft will have the stage time, showing a full match running on an Xbox One with a unique character for the console.

Quantum Break

Quantum Break has been one to watch since the console’s announcement and we’re hoping that we’ll finally see a full reveal with a decent amount of gameplay and a release date in the conference. We expect it to be released early in 2016 (February-March) with the TV show tie-in to start this Autumn.

Forza Motorsport 6

This is a bit of a cheat as we know this is coming, but Forza 6 will be shown off, again with more of a focus on the multiplayer side and player-run tournaments. There’ll also be more customisation options and the potential to design your own cars by manipulating generic pieces.


This will be a 2d sidescroller beat-em-up like the original with cartoonish graphics and four-player co-op. We’re not expecting this to be particularly exciting, but it’ll be coming to the console before Christmas.

Halo 5

Clearly Halo 5 will be a big piece of Microsoft’s show, but with the multiplayer already partially revealed thanks to the beta, we’re expecting to see some co-op campaign action shown off at the conference. Expect to see Warthogs.


We think this will end the conference with a demo that will be available as soon as the conference is over. The Crackdown demo is almost a thing of legend and it’d be brilliant to have the same thing again. Once small island, limits to the upgrades, half an hour, but with co-op. Expect destructible scenery and heavily customisable agents. We can’t wait to see what they’ve done with this.

Possible but Unlikely:

Scalebound, Banjo Threeie, Dead Rising 4, Soul Calibur 6


Uncharted 4

Assuming Sony opens with Uncharted 4, they’ve already shown off quite an extensive piece of gameplay last year, so this year might be a show of the multiplayer, followed by a montage of snippets from the campaign. We also know the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection is coming with a beta for Uncharted 4 so there’ll probably be a re-announcement of that too.

Beyond: Two Souls Remaster

We’re quite enjoying the number of re-releases for the current gen and this is one game we never got around to playing last time. We’re hoping this will be bundled with Heavy Rain but we’d settle just for a higher-res version of Beyond: Two Souls, potentially coming out quite soon, in July or September.

Tekken X Street Fighter

We saw this on a review copy request list recently so we’re going to assume it’s going to make a reshowing at E3. Originally announced in 2011, Tekken X Street Fighter is a game using the Tekken mechanics and 3d viewpoint, but with a Street Fighter cast and some of their special moves. Well it wouldn’t be Street Fighter without a Hadouken would it?

Destiny 2

While lots of rumours are suggesting a second season of DLC, we’re going to guess that it’s actually going to be a second game. Destiny 2 will use the same engine as Destiny, but feature more expansive and open planets and a much greater emphasis on story, with dialogue and choices made in the same way that Star Wars: The Old Republic worked with players voting on what they want to say.

Morpheus and No Man’s Sky

We think these will be bundled together and we’re starting to worry that this might be the only way you’re going to get No Man’s Sky. Expect Morpheus to only take up a tiny amount of stage time, but for there to be a long video for No Man’s Sky showing off some of the mechanics for the game, such as bounty hunting and crafting.

Deus Ex 3

We know there’s a new Deus Ex coming, expect to see it unveiled at the Sony conference with gameplay footage and an announcement that it will be coming in 2016 with exclusive DLC for the PS4. We’re expecting a much brighter game this time around, with a lot of the game happening during the daytime with places filled with civilians and any combat massively downplayed.


Possible but Unlikely:

The Last Guardian, DayZ, Portal 3, Kingdom Hearts 3


Animal Crossing Wii U

We’re surprised this hasn’t been announced already but we’re fully expecting an Animal Crossing game that doesn’t really change up the formula for the others, other than being able to have an online village that is shared with your friends. This might come in the form of connected villages (in groups of 4) each with their own Museum trying to compete with each other in weekly competitions. Expect more bug collecting, decorating and Tom Nook’s forced servitude fun.

Metroid Prime 4

This is a long shot, but we’re hoping that the Wii U will have one final good year before the NX comes out with a spectacular (and lengthy) single player story-based Metroid game. The gamepad will be used for scanning and in many ways it will be extremely similar to its predecessors. For those who haven’t played them, that’s not a bad thing at all.

F-Zero U

We’re struggling to even convince ourself of this once, but we’d love it if F-Zero came out on the Wii U with some massive multiplayer races and a track designer option. It’s been far too long since we had F-Zero GX and with the slightly more powerful hardware in the Wii U, a new F-Zero could be a real treat.

Star Fox Wii U

There’s a fairly good chance this has been delayed to be a launch title for the NX, but who knows, we might see it as a crossover game like Twilight Princess was. It’d be nice to see it on stage with a playthrough of a whole level, possibly featuring co-op. Expect a series of Star Fox Amiibos to be announced right alongside this.

The Rest

The individual conferences are slightly easier to predict, since we know what’s happening with them. But this is what we expect to be the big reveals of the other conferences.

Bethesda: Fallout 4 coming 2015, Doom 4 coming early 2016 (March) with a beta launching this Summer, Dishonoured 2 reveal with no release date set. Co-op announced (we really do think this will be the year of co-op).

Ubisoft: The Division coming March 2016, Assasin’s Creed Syndicate multiplayer reveal with a brand new game mode and concept, Rainbow Six demo (based on the alpha) available when the conference ends, new Rayman Origins style game, conference to end with a CGI trailer reveal of a new Splinter Cell.

EA: Start with Mirror’s Edge 2 with a lengthy single player gameplay piece possibly featuring a whole level. Fifa 16 and the focus on woman’s football being included, long talk about how successful EA Access has been with a reveal that Battlefield Hardline is being added to the service during the conference. Criterion’s racer given a name and release date, a whole 32 player match of Battlefront shown during the conference with live commentators and their conference to end with the reveal of Mass Effect 4.

PC Conference (PC Gamer): We’re expecting the reveal of the new AMD 300 series cards as well as a promo reel showing games that have been announced elsewhere. Windows 10 shown off with Fable Legends and an announcement that Crackdown and Gears of War will also be coming to the service, and Master Chief collection is available when Windows 10 launches in July. There’ll be lengthy showings for Overwatch, a Guild Wars 2 expansion, and a release date for the final version of DayZ.

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