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A few days ago we got an exciting look at Trion Worlds’ next project. Trion are well known for their commitment to MMOs over the last few years with some truly impressive titles including Rift, Defiance, Archeage and the newer and quirky Trove. They’re at it again with another interesting new idea they call ‘Devilian’.

Devilian isn’t quite the MMO you’d expect if you’ve played the dozens of copycat clones that have launched since Everquest. Taking more of a Diablo/Torchlight view on the world, Devilian is an action-RPG created by a Korean developer that allows for up to 200 players to be in the same region at once. There’s clearly elements on Diablo that have been hugely influential with four gender and race locked classes hunting though regions for loot and experience to bolster their equipment and skills.


Not only are there the ‘usual’ types of equipment you see in ARPGs, but there’s also mounts and pets that do more than provide a bit of cosmetic flair to your play. Riding a polar bear reduces your aggro range, even having a little (adorable) pet Corgi follow you around confers more benefits. While the gameplay is a skills-oriented hack ‘n slash with plenty of stats and hit points flying everywhere, there’s a few new twists like the titular ‘Devilian’ mode that turns you into a more powerful version of yourself for a limited time, possible helping you to overcome a boss or turning the tide in a multiplayer match.

In a usual game you will wander through the regions where you will run into other players going about their own business. This is managed by ‘shards’ (similar to Destiny or Marvel Heroes) and if you want your friends to accompany you, you can join up into a group and all get on the same shard. You can also enter some of the three player dungeons, of which we were told there are “dozens at every level”. For the end game there’s a single raid at the moment that can take 9 players, and there’s sure to be more to come. However the real focus seems to be a push towards 20 vs 20 multiplayer PvP battles. These kinds of numbers haven’t really been seen in a game in this genre as far as I know and it’ll be interested to see how the games play out. There’s also 3 vs 3 arena style matches for some sharper and more focused competition.


The PvP appears to be spilling into the regular game world too as you can sign up to a guild and if your guild declares war on another, you can launch into open-world PvP and fight over world bosses and regions in the game.

What we saw was all single-player but it looked surprisingly polished for an unannounced title and while the graphics might not be technically spectacular, the art style was clean and interesting with a clear style of its own with a blend between high fantasy and more steampunk/frontier oriented clothes and skills. The characters themselves are clearly Korean in style and despite some smallish player character they seem to have avoided the weirdness that is often associated with Korean MMO character types (I’m looking at you TERA).

This is fairly early days in terms of what we’re learning about the game but it’s going to be free to play with a marketplace for cosmetic items and they’re hoping to launch it this year, with a beta coming soon.


We were impressed we’ve what we’ve seen so far and we’ll be sure to bring you more impressions as soon as we get hands on at Gamescom in August!

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