Overclockers UK introduce dedicated systems for streaming

We bought a PC from Overclockers UK years and years ago, and it was a fine system. This was when we had less confidence in building our own, their website was easy to use and the service was impeccable, so we were interested to hear that they’re bringing out a new line of systems designed around streaming. There’s three separate systems outlined in the press release below, but all come designed specifically to avoid the obstacles that streaming produces. Anyone who’s got an adequate gaming machine and then tried to stream has no doubt found that encoding quickly, multitasking and then broadcasting can introduce some unusual challenges and these will be ready to go straight out of the box along with XSplit which is one of the best (premium) suites of streaming software.

We’re hoping to get our hands on one of these machines for a full review, but until then have a look at the video and read the press release below.



Overclockers UK are FIRST in the UK to introduce systems dedicated for live streamers, StreamR
Newcastle-Under-Lyme, 27th July 2015, Overclockers UK, are proud to announce a new line-up of systems targeted towards live streaming users on platforms such as Twitch and HitBox. Live streaming requires heavy processing usage for encoding, along with being able to act as a gaming PC simultaneously.
With the ever growing live streaming community, a suitable dedicated solution needed to be available with Overclockers UK being the first company to offer such a solution targeted directly at live streamers.
Overclockers UK have introduced 3 systems powered with Intel, NVIDIA & HyperX into the range which all come with a FREE XSplit License for various periods of time.
XSplit is the live streamers broadcasting software of choice. From indie upstarts to professional content creators, XSplit offers all users the opportunity to create high quality broadcast content with a revolutionary audio/video mixing application that anyone can learn to master. XSplit are fast becoming the industry standard having partnered with YouTube and Twitch amongst others.
StreamR Elite System
The StreamR Elite is a High-end streaming system featuring drop down options for a choice of high end NVIDIA Geforce Graphics Cards graphics card to ensure crisp graphics at high frame rates, choice of primary and secondary hard drive along with a powerful Intel® Core™ i7-5820K which has the encoding capabilities for 1080p 60fps. The StreamR also uses an MSI X99S Gaming 9 motherboard which includes a built in Avermedia capture encoder which helps take stress away from the GPU and CPU. This is the flagship streaming system for a user looking for the best. The StreamR Elite is provided with a free 12 months XSplit license.
StreamR Pro System
The StreamR Pro system has been created to hit a price point for first time streamers, or streamers on a budget. Being tested to perform at 720p 30fps the StreamR Pro is a perfect solution being able to play the latest games through a choice of NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards and Intel® Core™ i5-4690. The StreamR Pro also comes with a choice of primary and secondary hard drives. The StreamR Pro is provided with a free 6 months XSplit license.
StreamR Console
Broadcasters that want to stream console games require a system which can compute the processing and encoding. While console users can stream directly from their machine, they can’t customise or make their broadcast stand out with nice graphics or overlay features which are available in XSplit. Overclockers UK have provided a compact solution, the Intel NUC which can be plugged from a console via capture box then into the NUC. The NUC is powerful enough to produce a 1080p 60fps output, while being compact enough to sit directly on the console. As the NUC is a PC system you will be able to create visual overlays and all the features available as if you were streaming through a PC. The StreamR Console is provided with a free 3 months XSplit license.
All The Extras
With a streaming setup, most broadcasters will need more than just a system. They’ll require high-end audio equipment, professional grade webcams, gaming chairs and more. These are conveniently included as drop down options for the systems, which means you can get everything you need all in one place.

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