Forza Motorsport 6 Preview (Gamescom)

Forza 5 was slightly rushed to meet the deadline for the Xbox One launch. This was evident at the time with a limited selection of cars and tracks and no real new features other than the (admittedly amazing) ‘drivatar’ system. This was later basically admitted by Turn10 but now they’re looking to set things right with the first ‘real’ Forza game to come to the current gen.

Forza 6 features over 450 cars and 26 unique tracks, which is a huge number by anybody’s count. On our demo we got a selection of cars and various races that show off the different new systems at play including night-time races and races in the rain.


Straight away the handling model feels subtly different. Maybe it’s from being used to Horizon and Driveclub’s 30fps but the handling feels much more precise and we were weaving in and out of the pack effortlessly from the get go. The suggested driving line seemed more subtle (and blue instead of green for some reason) but I’m sure this can be tweaked in the settings as always. Visually the game looks great and while the vehicles themselves are unsurprisingly authentic and detailed (each one is individually laser scanned in so basically 1:1 with the real thing) but now the new lighting system makes the environments look much more interesting.

The big new gameplay system is the rain. Rather than simply lowering your friction with the road, the rain actually creates puddles in the lower areas of the track, the depth of which is controlled by the amount of rain there has been. These rains aren’t simply ‘slippery patches’, they are real 3D entities that your car can react with in a multitude of ways. At high speeds you’ll often aquaplane over them, particularly in lighter cars. This will ruin your steering and braking completely. Heavier vehicles might have a single wheel dip into the puddle and have that effect the handling, good drivers might be able to put their wheels either side.

On our race around we tried approaching the puddles from as many different angles as we possibly could and all of Turn10’s claims rang true. It’ll be interesting to see how well this works in multiplayer online.

Overall we enjoyed our time with Forza Motorsport 6. It’s very similar to past Forza’s, but with much more content and improved visuals, so not a revolution but definitely a worthy entry to the series.

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