Giana Sisters: Dream Runner Review (Xbox One)

For those of you who have played Speedrunners, you can skip most of the rest of this review. Dream Runner is an incredibly similar game, just with Giana Sisters-themed characters, items and powers.


Dream Runners is part of a genre that’s incredibly small, multiplayer competitive 2D running games. This means up to 4 of you (the others can be replaced by bots) pick a character and run around clockwise laps of one of 9 levels, trying to beat other players micro-machines style by getting them to fall off the edge of the screen because you’re so far ahead. Of course there are obstacles, traps and items to speed you up or slow others down, but mostly what it comes down to is knowing the course ahead of you and having quick reflexes.

There’s a few twists thrown into Dream Runners, some items dotted around the level switch the level into an alternate mode, such as making it snowy, this closes off some routes and opens up others. You also have a spin attack move to smash through rocks and a twirling move to let you float on drafts of air.


Functionally, the game works fine and can even be quite a lot of fun played with four people on a couch in local multiplayer, or even online multiplayer as long as you’re all chatting and having fun. But it’s hard to ignore that the production values are quite low, the characters look horrific and everything lacks any kind of consistent art direction or style .This is a very barebones games and will keep you entertained for no more than half an hour. It seems to know this too and doles out achievements like there’s no tomorrow.

Overall, Giana Sisters: Dream Runner is a fun little local co-op game if you can get it cheap, at the £7.19 it currently is on Steam I’d say it’s still too much, pick up SpeedRunners instead.

Verdict 5

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