H1Z1 Battle Royale Tips

The Battle Royale mode in H1Z1 is a compression of what a real life zombie survival situation might be like. Take a bunch of people, give them something to fight for (their life), limit their resources (the space to live in), give them tools to fight each other, choices are made hard and fast. Rounds can only last a few minutes or over 30. Here’s a few tips to get the most out of it. They probably focus more on defensive techniques over offensive ones so don’t consider these the only path success.
1.       Get a headset with a mic and use it
So have a headset and use it. Whether to talk to a teammate (see below) or taunt someone the mic is worth it. What the headset also helps bring is positional audio, so if you hear someone speak, you will know what direction they are coming from.
2.       Bring a friend or more.
In Battle Royale you can play solo, in a 2 man team or 5 man team. If you have a friend (you can trust) why not convince them to join you, or more of them if you can. Sure if you want the glory you can run solo, it might be a tenser experience but starting out its more fun and more reliable to have more eyes to spot things and more brains (you hope) to plan your next move.
3.       Watch where everyone is dropping in and don’t go there.
When you start the round you will be parachuting in, with any team-mates in tow. Resist the temptation at the beginning to crowd in to where everyone else might be dropping in. Pick a spot that looks a little less popular and go there. Buildings are better as they are typically more likely to have stuff. Getting the stuff is important, but you don’t necessarily want to start out the round with a fist fight. Unless of course you have complete confidence in any lag being in your favour.
4.       Get to know the gear.
It will take a while to figure out what your preferred weapons are, and sometimes you may not have a choice, but it’s worth doing if you can. Knowing if you prefer a .44 to a 9mm is worth it because it will inform how you choose to start a fight (or finish one)
5.       Don’t move for the gas until you need to.
Sticking to the edge of the gas wave might be a bit risky, but you should always have enough time if you need to move. Being in the center of the radius may mean you have to travel less distance, but more often than not using the whole space available will keep you alive for longer. Chances are you’ll encounter less people, and people are what will get you killed.
6.       Use to cover lines when moving
An obvious thing to say, but when you need to move from point to point use a tree line, wall or something to gain some respite from the open ground. Spotting something moving through open ground is a whole lot easier than in the forest so don’t give others that advantage.
7.       If you are picking the battle, do it to your advantage.
You might spot someone in the distance and have your pistol ready to aim, but think before you fire. Can you expect to win in the encounter, are you up against one person? Or two? Do they have better weapons than you? Visibly better gear? Better cover to use? Before you pull the trigger try to assess whether you are in a stronger position or not. The game is about surviving to the end and that doesn’t mean you have to shoot on sight, or kill everyone, all you need to do is be the last one standing.

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