Night Blights Preview at Norwich Game Festival

We played through a single night of Night Blights – an upcoming horror game – at Norwich Game Festival. It was hardly an appropriate setting to be playing it, with quite headphones in the brightly lit forum surrounded by people, but it was enough to make us want to play much more.


Night Blights takes a fairly simple (and innovate) premise. You are a young child who has to stay up at night to protect his family from the blights. In the first night (the one that we played) you had to rush around the house finding toys to feed the monsters under your parents’ and sister’s beds, and close all of the cupboards around the house as they opened. At first this is easy, there are toys everywhere and it doesn’t take too long to get between the rooms. As the night continues on however, you quickly find yourself running out of accessible toys. You have to resort to climbing and exploring to grab toys off shelves and do all kinds of things parents wouldn’t approve of, just so you can prevent the blights from murdering your family.

Should you succeed, and make it through to the morning (which we thankfully did on our one attempt) you then get to move on to the next night where new mechanics take over and the house expands into something much more intimidating.


Visually the game is functional more than anything, this is a fairly simple 3D environment but instantly recognisable as a perfectly normal house. The slightly lower viewpoint of a toddler and the haunting familiar quiet of the house adds to the tension and we quickly found ourselves thinking ‘we need to rush to the fridge’ or ‘maybe there’s a toy on the mantelpiece’. While the whole game takes place in this single house, there’s plenty to do and to get a perfect three-star rating you need to master your routes through the house, shutting every cupboard before it opens and organising your toy/food collection well.

We should be able to play a little more of this game very soon but for now you can check it out on Steam here Steam Greenlight


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