Vr Ping Pong Preview (PC)

VR Ping Pong is a fun game. Let me get that out of the way, what I am not convinced of yet is whether it should really be trying to be a Ping Pong game. In these early days of VR the best experiences so far have been completely new ones, designed to take a new idea into a VR space, rather than take a traditional idea or game and adapt it to VR. The danger with taking something like Ping Pong and making a VR experience out of it, is that it will be competing against your own real life perceptions of Ping Pong as well as how much you may enjoy it as a VR experience.

This gets me to my main issue with the game, which will not be applicable to everyone, serving. Serving in real life Ping Pong is ingrained into my muscle memory, which meant re-learning it and struggling with it in VR Ping Pong affected how much I would enjoy the game. When I got the hang of it, I enjoyed it more, until I messed up or got worse again. I may not be a pro Ping Pong player in real life but I can get serving right, which made the VR disconnect more painful. The game has been updated since to allow more serving options and it may well improve in time, but this area did prove a really important barrier as I was starting out.


Serving aside I found the game enjoyable and at it’s core mostly fun. The AI feels balanced for the different levels, easy will help train you, medium is more challenging, and hard will push you. A real plus is how adaptable the game is to different room layouts and player heights. The virtual table can be adjusted and manipulated to suit the height of the player. In other games already released this kind of thing has been something clearly missing but it’s great it’s already in this one. There are also some different mini-games to mix things up. Wall, is simply a wall to hit against, the challenge here is to see how quick you can get at hitting and returning shots. Hole is a mode which takes chunks of the table away after every shot making it hard to land valid points.


In the end I think how much you will enjoy the game will be related to how much you like Ping Pong in the first place. The developers have made a good VR adaptation of it, not without room for improvement, and at the time of writing the game is in early access with frequent updates. I will certainly check back into it from time to time to see how it improves.

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