New site – Let us know what you think!

Hi all,

So this is the relaunch of TPReview with a new style and approach.

For many years I’ve been running this site with the mind to make it look as much like Eurogamer/IGN as possible, as those are the sites I enjoy.  Now the majority of our content is on Youtube, and after a couple of promotions at my day job (I’m a teacher), I haven’t had the time to keep it updated in a way that makes sense for that kind of layout. So I’ve decided to change the site into more of the blog it always secretly was underneath the shiny veneer.

Now none of the posts have gone, and if anything this means I’ll be posting more often as I’m less constrained by post ‘types’ and can just post whatever I feel like writing about.

Please let me know what you think of the new design or if there’s anything you can’t find so I can make the necessary changes. A new blog for 2017, welcome!


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