What We Want from the Nintendo Switch

On 13th January we’re going to find out much more about the Switch. We’ll know which games are coming for launch, the release date, and possibly even the price. I always love to speculate here on TPReview so without any further ado, here are my predictions and hopes for the Switch.

Price: £249.99

The Switch is in an interesting position. It’s a brand new console that’s significantly less powerful than the other home consoles. On the other hand it’s a brand new handheld that’s significantly more powerful than other handhelds. That makes us think they’ll price it as a premium handheld but bundle in a game and a pro controller. For £250 that’s pretty good value in our eyes and we’d be more than happy with that.

Launch Titles

What we expect:

  • Nintendoland 2 – I’m hoping that won’t be the title, but I fully expect there to be something that shows off the new features of the device, just like Wii Sports did for the Wii and Nintendoland did for the Wii U. A collection of smaller games that show off what it can do with the various controllers and modes.
  • Splatoon – We know this is coming, possibly as an alternative launch box (With purple and orange controllers) and I fully expect it to be almost identical to the Wii U version, just with a new season of maps and weapons. It’d be nice if there were some online improvements like clans or voice chat but I’m not too hopeful.
  • Mario Kart 8 Plus – Mario Kart 8 was fantastic and they just need to add a new set of tracks and a few new characters to make this a worthy purchase. I think Nintendo will be generous and there’ll be a whole new set of tracks, so 16, as well as the base set and all of the DLC to date.
  • Smash Bros Switch – This will be a similar deal to Mario Kart, although perhaps a little less generous. I’m assuming the Splatoon characters will make an appearance and possibly a character from Team Skull from Pokemon Sun/Moon?
  • Wave Race Switch – Nintendo need to try and prove what this console can do, justl ike they did with Luigi’s Mansion on the Gamecube or Wave Race 64 on the N64. I think it might be time for a new Wave Race game with some fancy water physics and strong online multiplayer modes
  • Ubisoft Games – How close we are to launch means we can probably rule out a proper Rabbids game, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Steep, Watch Dogs 2, and a new Rabbids game coming to the Switch.  Ubisoft also brought us the surprisingly awesome Zombi-U last time, so maybe we’ll see a wildcard from them too.

What we don’t expect:

  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild – This will be near launch, but I’m guessing April. It’s always good to space your games out a bit and this is a big one. I think it will come out at the same time as the Wii U release on a shiny gold cartridge.
  • Pokemon Star – We know there is a third Pokemon game coming out this generation for the Switch, but I don’t expect it to be a launch title. Again, they’ll save this for a few months after launch, perhaps in the Summer hoping everyone goes crazy for Pokemon Go again.
  • Mario Switch – We know very little about this and that doesn’t seem right for a Mario Game. I think this might be held off until nearer Christmas alongside some  kind of Mario Party Game.

What we’re hoping for:

  • Warioware Switch – I love the Warioware games and this being a combined portable/home console makes it seem like a perfect fit. It’s also not graphically intensive so could remind people why the specs aren’t everything when it’s a Nintendo Console.
  • Animal Crossing Switch – It’s been a while since there was a proper Animal Cross game but Nintendo have continued to keep with franchise in focus with loads of amiibos and a couple of spinoff games. A fully-fledged online Animal Crossing game could be awesome, as long as it’s more than just a rehash of previous entries.
  • A Nintendo MMO – I’ve been wanting this for years but maybe one day it will come true. Imagine an MMO where you can do what you want in the Nintendo Universe. Want to race? Go find a karting track. Want to explore? Head to Hyrule. Want to fight? Go catch some Pokemon. It could lead to some amazing crossovers and be the ‘wow’ game that would be a system seller.
  • Nintendo Maker – Mario Maker was easily the most innovative and exciting thing I’ve played outside of VR this gen, and I want more. I want to be able to make Zelda dungeons or Metroid environments. Give us the same set of tools but with a wider variety of games. Please.

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